Mission 32: A Pirate’s Wishes

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Mission 32: A Pirate’s Wishes

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:18 am

The final mission of this story is a cut scene with Gilgamesh where you can choose a reward that you can have Augmented in Windurst. The cut scene details are below and are followed by the different rewards and augments. Once completed the player will received the title of “Lightbringer” and the story has ended. The cut scene will trigger once you select the entrance to the Captains chamber in Norg.

Cut Scene Details

The camera fades in to show Gilgamesh with a bow on his desk.

Gilgamesh: Ah, <player> please come in.
Gilgamesh: I have something for ye, I know it is not much…

Gilgamesh opens the box and you stagger, then shake your head.

Gilgamesh: I know what ye thinking <player>.
Gilgamesh: These are Lion’s belongings I kept.
Gilgamesh: Finally thanks to ye, I can let her go and she can rest in peace.
Gilgamesh: I want you to take something from this box for yourself, so she always be in our hearts.
Gilgamesh: I’d like you too, <player>.
Gilgamesh: As a special treat, those crazy taru-taru in Windurst have agreed to let you put something on whatever ye pick from me little box.
Gilgamesh: So take your time and pick one thing from the box, then I be happy, Arrr!

Note: You are given a choice of items from his box, they will appear on a list where you can pick. Once picked, it will show you what you are getting and then ask you if you are sure. If you are sure, you will return to the list to pick another. Once you pick an object, you cannot return it or replace with another at this point.

Gilgamesh: Good, Now take that there small piece of Lion’s memory to Heaven’s Tower. That little Kupipi will Augment it for ye.
Gilgamesh: …
Gilgamesh: I… can’t apologise enough to ye <player>.
Gilgamesh: I just wanted my little girl back, do ye understand?

You nod.

Gilgamesh: Well, either way she can’t come back, I know that now.
Gilgamesh: My mind is clouded no more…
Gilgamesh: When you use that gift, always think of her <player>.
Gilgamesh: At least she can live forever, in our hearts.
Gilgamesh: Now, go. I need to think about how I’m going to run Norg again!
Gilgamesh: With all that has gone on, they be left to their own demise and it’s all gone down the pan!
Gilgamesh: Gwahahaha! Aaar business as normal eh?
Gilgamesh: … well, farewell <player> ‘til we meet again.

You nod and then walk out. Gilgamesh turns around…

Gilgamesh: Thank ye <player>…

End Of Cut Scene


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