Mission 2 - Old Friends

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Mission 2 - Old Friends

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:43 pm

As you speak to Cid in the Metalworks in Bastok, a cut scene will trigger. This cut scene is mission 2.

Cut Scene Details

You approach Cid.

Cid: Well well! Look at you! It's been some time <Player>. What brings you here today?
Cid: Or perhaps you came to see old Cid eh?

The camera fades out and then back in, giving the impression you tell Cid what has happened.

Cid: Lion you say? She gave you this?
Cid: Hmmm? Certainly looks old and battered, it also has some markings on the side but I can't make them out.
Cid: The image on the front looks like Jeuno's flag, but there’s something different about it.
Cid: Well, it doesn't seem mechanical but it is hollow. It's empty inside.
Cid: It could be valuable as well. Certainly high quality gold like I've never seen.
Cid: Well now. I suggest you speak to those taru-taru in Windurst about how this got into your hands. Magic ain’t my speciality as you know!
Cid: I would head to Norg as well and ask around about Lion appearing like that. They might know something.
Cid: Other than that head to Jeuno, That is definitely their flag on the front but its been altered slightly. See what they make of it.

You nod and begin to walk away.

Cid: Oh and be careful <player>. With all that’s gone on, you know by now the danger of curiosity.

The camera fades out.

End Of Cut Scene


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