Mission 22: Keeping the Pirate at Bay

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Mission 22: Keeping the Pirate at Bay

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Mission 22 is based on two cut scenes and feature a battle in between them. All the cut scenes and the battle are within the Empyreal Paradox. The first cut scene is triggered as the player selects the “Transcendental Radiance” from within the Empyreal Paradox. After the first cut scene, players will be back outside the Empyreal Paradox again. They must then choose “Keeping the Pirate at Bay” from a drop down box to enter a battlefield against Gilgamesh. Six party members only may enter and there is a thirty minute time limit. Once the battle is over, another cut scene will trigger. After the cut scene, all participating party members will be back outside in the Empyreal Paradox area. After the cut scene is complete, the mission log will update.

Cut Scene A Details

You run in and see the Jester stood beside Gilgamesh, but Gilgamesh is swaying.

????: You truly are a nuisance <player>.
   (Nuisance <player> is! Lie we do not!>
Gilgamesh: ….Nuisance… <player>…
????: It seems he wants to stop you seeing your daughter, my friend!
   (Stop you he will, our friend you are Gilgamesh)
Wolfgang: Gilgamesh!
????: Wolfgang…
Gilgamesh: Wolfgang…
Harith: Enough of this madness!
????: Ah, he is here brother!
   (Here is the murderer!)
????: I’m glad you came, you can see what has become of us!
   (See us and how we have evolved to become what you made us!)
Wolfgang: Murderer? Harith? What do they mean…
Harith: This… this cannot be…
Gilgamesh: Murderer…
Harith: But… you… you died!?
????: Gwahahaha! You will never destroy us.
   (Gwahahaha! You never defeated us!)
Wolfgang: Harith? What’s going on?
Harith: I… No… It cannot be!
????: Who would have thought our master’s plot would unfold to give us this opportunity to settle old scores!
   (Old scores shall be settled indeed! Thank our master we will! But first…)
????: Yes of course, our master must be freed!
   (Freed he must be, for us to be divided again!)
Harith: I do not believe it, Zorn…Thorn  they died, and not by my hands…
????: Liar!
????: You left us to die! We were brothers in arms! And now you will all pay the price for banishing us!
   (Banishing us will lead to your end! Brother in arms no more!)
Gilgamesh: … Brothers!?
????: Not brothers our friend. They have come to stop you seeing your daughter!
   (Stop you they will, allow them you must not!)
????: Are you going to let them stop you?

Gilgamesh steps forward and draws his Great Katana. The Jester steps back.

????: Hmph! I must prepare for our Masters arrival.
(Prepare we must brother! Our first target is near!)

The Jester turns to you, Harith and Wolfgang.
As he steps forward, Black Waltz-E, Black Waltz-A and Black Waltz-I appear behind him.

????: Now, I’ve at least given you a decent send off… Beaten by a Samurai Pirate Lord, and three of my Dark mages.
   (Death you shall have! By sword and magicks! Depart we must Brother!)

The Jester begins to walk away and disappears in to the shadows. Wolfgang draws his sword and Harith also draws his.

Harith: Gilgamesh!? Snap out of it!
Wolfgang: Gilgamesh!?

Gilgamesh runs up to Harith and knocks him down, and then cuts Wolfgang down. Then looks at you.

Wolfgang: <player>… Don’t … Don’t kill him.
Harith: Aargh! It’s been a while since I’ve been in pain…
Harith: Just knock down the mages down… Aargh!

Harith holds his arm. Wolfgang slowly gets up, but then sits back down again…

Wolfgang: Aargh! My apologies <player>, you’re on your own… Just, don’t kill him…  

You nod and draw your weapon. The camera fades and the battle begins.

End Of Cut Scene A

Once this cut scene is over, the player will be back outside in the Empyreal Paradox. Once ready, the player must select the “Transcendental Radiance” and then select “Keeping the Pirate at Bay” from the battlefield list. This is a six party member battlefield with a thirty minute time limit. Once inside the player must beat all three Black Waltz’ as well as defeat Gilgamesh. Once all are defeated, another cut scene will trigger.

Battle Information on Gilgamesh

Name: Gilgamesh
Family:  Elvann
Job: Samurai
Level: 70
HP: 25000
2 Hour Abilities: Meikyo Shisui
Permanent active traits:
Accuracy Bonus III
Auto-Regen III
Store TP V
Resist Blind 100%
Zanshin (50% chance of activating)
Demon Killer III
Overwhelm III
Ikishoten III

Weapon Skills used:
All Great katana Weapon skills
Blade Beam

Immune to Silence, Sleep and Blind magicks.
Builds TP fast.
Can weapon skill a lot at low HP.

Weak to Lullaby and Repose.
Weak to Stun and Bind.

Notes: Meikyo Shisui is used when Gilgamesh’s HP reaches 10%. He will immediately use random weapon skills every 5 seconds. These will include Blade Beam.

Blade Beam is Gilgamesh’s own unique weapon skill. It is a “cone attack” that will hit anyone in front of Gilgamesh and will send the victim into 5% HP. However, this will also reset Enmity. He will use Blade Beam every 20% of his HP.

Black Waltz Battle Information

Name: Black Waltz
Family:  Formor
Job: Black Mage
Level: 65
HP: 15000
MP: 9000
2 Hour Abilities: Manafont
Permanent active traits:
Double Cast +25
Arcana Defence Boost
Auto-Shell V
Fast Cast
Conserve MP +20%
Refresh (15MP per second)
Spell Interruption rate -100%
Elemental Shift - See notes
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Magic Accuracy +10

Weapon Skills used:

All their own Elemental spells (including ninjitsu elemental spells and elemental weapons skills)
Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Poisonga II - Poisons party members within selected range
Sleepga III - Sleeps party members within selected range and lowers all attributes.

Immune to Silence, Bind, Sleep and Stun magicks.

Weak to Lullaby and Repose.
Weak to their opposing element
Weak to “Slashing” Damage
Low HP and Defence


Elemental Shift – Always active job ability that enables them to absorb their own elements if used against them and restores HP equal to damage of the elemental attack used on them.

Black Waltz-I casts all ice spells, including Paralysis (“Paralyze“ area of effect). Also will absorb all ice related spells and weapon skills.

Black Waltz-E casts all earth spells, including Petrification (Petrifies all party members in an area of attack). Also will absorb all earth related spells and weapon skills.

Black Waltz-A casts all water spells, including Tidal Flow (“Water IV” Area effect spell). Also will absorb all water related spells and weapon skills.

Cut Scene B Details

The Black Waltz’s kneel, as does Gilgamesh.

Black Waltz’s: Mission Failed, returning to H.Q.
????: Understood.

The three Black Waltz’ fade out and Wolfgang steps forward. Gilgamesh looks up at him.

Gilgamesh: No… Failure…!

Gilgamesh runs towards Wolfgang with sword, but Wolfgang blocks his attack with his shield and knocks Gilgamesh down to the floor with his sword. As Gilgamesh hit’s the floor, Wolfgang throws his shield and sword down and runs to him.

Wolfgang: Do not worry, my friend. You are safe now. Harith?
Harith: Yes? Is he alright?
Wolfgang: Yes, <player> went light on him. He will live but we need to protect him.
Harith: Perhaps we should take him to Monberaux in Jeuno. I’m sure he will look after him.
Wolfgang: Excellent. I will take him. <player>, please meet us in Jeuno.
Wolfgang: Perhaps when he is conscious he may be able to piece together this whole situation for us.

End Of Cut Scene B


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