Mission 19: Trouble in Pso’Xja

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Mission 19: Trouble in Pso’Xja

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2016 11:14 pm

This mission is one cut scene and it is triggered as you enter The Shrouded Maw. After the cut scene, the player will be back outside in the Beaucedine Glacier, outside the entrance to Pso‘Xja at H-8. The mission log will change after the cut scene.

Cut Scene Details

You run to the side of the area and kneel as if hiding as Gilgamesh and the Black Waltz walk up to the Shrouded Maw Entrance.

Gilgamesh: And you are sure?
Black Waltz: Yes, Diabolos will surely know have felt it too.
Black Waltz: That power is here, I can feel it now. Can you Gilgamesh?
Gilgamesh: Argh, I am a Samurai Pirate Lord, I don’t know magicks.
Black Waltz: Well I assure you, at least a token it behind the doorway…
Gilgamesh: …

Gilgamesh reluctantly walks into the void, into The Shrouded Maw.

Black Waltz: …

Black waltz puts hand to ear as if talking to a linkshell.

Black Waltz: Gilgamesh is in the Shrouded Maw as ordered my Lord.
????: Excellent work, ensure that Gilgamesh finds our package. We need him to trust us.
Black Waltz: Understood. What if <player> arrives?
????: Engage, but only until you can escape. We need you alive. You have taken backup like we told you?
Black Waltz: Yes my lord. Orders confirmed.

Black Waltz puts his arm down and then turns to see you.

Black Waltz: So, you overheard.
Black Waltz: Do not feel sorry for Gilgamesh, he merely longs for his daughter, as any father would.
????: And you are exploiting that!

Wolfgang runs in with sword drawn.

Wolfgang: How DARE you! Have you no heart?
Black Waltz: Actually no, I don’t. I am a soldier. I do as ordered, like you Wolfgang.
Wolfgang: Gilgamesh!? Are you in there!?
Black Waltz: You must not interfere! I have my orders.
Wolfgang: We shall! You will not corrupt him any more!
Black Waltz: Corruption? Hmm? I suppose you could call it that, but then haven’t we just given him hope?
Wolfgang: False hope will never shine through the truth.
Black Waltz: Then you choose blackmail Wolfgang.
Wolfgang: What!?
Black Waltz: Leave now with <player> and I will not harm Gilgamesh.
Wolfgang: You cannot be serious!?
Black Waltz: Oh I am serious, deadly.
Black Waltz: Leave now, never return and he will be safe.
Black Waltz: Or try and stop us, and he will die by my hands, I promise you.

You stand beside Wolfgang and draw your weapon.

Black Waltz: You…
Black Waltz: So it is death you have chosen…
Wolfgang: Step aside

The Black Waltz begins laughing.

Black Waltz: Such anger… Hmm?
Black Waltz: Perhaps I may not need to harm him…
Black Waltz: Though if you will excuse me, the time has come.

Black Waltz casts escape on you and Wolfgang, and you both appear outside in Beaucedine Glacier.

Wolfgang: Oh my, if you have heard that Black Waltz correct, Gilgamesh is innocent in all of this.
Wolfgang: However, every moment subjected to that Black Waltz, Gilgamesh is certain to go down two paths.
Wolfgang: One is where he will fall victim to brainwashing and side with them to gain back his daughter.
Wolfgang: The Second, is far worse. They will use him to shield them from us…
Wolfgang: …and then kill him.
Wolfgang: We cannot allow this <player>! We must get to Gilgamesh with haste!

Camera fades and game play is resumed. The player is now in Beaucedine Glacier, outside the entrance to Pso’Xja.

End Of Cut Scene


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