Mission 21 - A Friend In Need

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Mission 21 - A Friend In Need

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Three cut scenes complete Mission 21. One cut scene triggers as you enter Ru’Lude Gardens, the second as you enter Norg and lastly the third cut scene is in Tavnazian Safehold. The cut scene in Norg cannot be triggered unless the first in Ru’Lude Gardens has been completed. The third in Tavnazian Safehold will not trigger until you have completed the second cut scene in Norg. Once the cut scene in Tavnazian Safehold has finished, this mission is complete. This will then update the Mission log.

Cut Scene A Details

Wolfgang: <player>? You have news?

The camera fades out and then back in again to give the effect of yourself explaining what has happened.

Wolfgang: We have to get to Norg as soon as possible!
Wolfgang: You were en route?

You nod.

Wolfgang: Then we have no time to waste!
????: I shall accompany you, if you’ll have me that is.

Harith walks up to you and Wolfgang.

Wolfgang: Of course Harith. Now, to Norg!

End Of Cut Scene A

After this cut scene the player must make their way to Norg. A short cut scene will trigger as they enter Norg. The player cannot make their way to Tavnazian Safehold before having seen the Norg cut scene.

Cut Scene B Details

Ryoma: Why <player>, I’m glad you are here! Our lord Gilgamesh! He…

Wolfgang walks in and Harith too.

Ryoma: Oh my, Could you be Wolfgang of Jeuno?
Ryoma: What brings you here my lord?

Ryoma bows.

Wolfgang: What seems to be the problem? You mentioned Gilgamesh?
Ryoma: Well, yes. He has just fled with a strange man on his ship. There were a lot of other people with him
Ryoma: They were dressed in odd colours, I have never seen them before.
Ryoma: I fear he may be in danger!
Wolfgang: Did he seem willing to go with them?
Ryoma: Strange, but yes. Though he was not himself at all.
Ryoma: And that man… There was something very odd about him.
Harith: Who was he?
Ryoma: I’m not sure, I’ve never seen him before.
Wolfgang: The Jester perhaps?
Ryoma: Yes, now you mention it, he seemed that way. He talked to himself a lot.
Wolfgang: Harith, <player>. I feel we may be too late…
Harith: Where did they go?
Ryoma: I believe I heard them say The Garden of Ru'Hmet. They went to Tavnazian Safehold first.
Wolfgang: Then we have our next heading.
Harith: <player>, you know the people or Tavnazia, correct?

You nod.

Harith: Good, let’s move.

The camera fades out.

End Of Cut Scene B

The final cut scene takes place in Tavnazian Safehold. It triggers as you enter the area. Once this cut scene is complete, the mission log will update as this cut scenes is the end of the mission. Players cannot trigger the next cut scene and fight without seeing this cut scene.

Cut Scene C Details

Ulmia: Welcome back <player>.
Prishe: <player>! How is Star Sibyl?

The camera fades to give the impression of you explaining what has happened.

Prishe: So that’s who he was…
Wolfgang: Who?
Ulmia: There was a strange group of men who arrived just an hour ago.
Ulmia: They were very serious.
Prishe: Yeah, they took the airship to Al’Taieu.
Ulmia: Who are they?
Wolfgang: We do not know.
Harith: I may have a theory.
Prishe: Please do share!
Harith: It has been on my mind whilst we were on the way here…
Harith: You remember the diary I found <player>?

You nod.

Wolfgang: You mean Argonath‘s Diary?
Harith: Yes, it is foolish, and maybe completely wrong, but I can’t see who else this could be.
Prishe: Are you saying that Argonath is the Jester?
Harith: He may be. I can’t see who else it can be…
Wolfgang: Hmm? I’m afraid it cannot be Harith.
Harith: Why are you so certain?
Wolfgang: You weren’t the only one who thought Argonath could be behind this.
Wolfgang: I have found records of his death. He died of a heart attack and was buried at sea shortly after being banished.
Harith: Then I am no wiser. All we do know, however is that Gilgamesh is in danger as long as he is with that Jester.
Prishe: <player>, you must get to Al’Taieu!
Wolfgang: I am curious to why Al’Taieu…
Harith: As am I, but we have no time to be curious.
Wolfgang: Indeed. Let us go to Al’Taieu at once!
Prishe: Good luck, and let us know if you need any help!
Ulmia: Yes, good luck everyone.

The camera fades out and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene C


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