Mission 11 - Into the Unknown

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Mission 11 - Into the Unknown

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Mission 11 consists of 2 cut scenes and a fight against one Notorious Monster in a battlefield. It also shows a new area, similar to a Burning Circle type fight area. I have included a sketch of  the area I have included in this mission. It can be accessed by the “Sealed Entrance” in Xarcabard at I-6, which is behind where the Boreal Tiger spawns. I have included estimated specifications for the Notorious Monster as well. The first cut scene is triggered as you select the Sealed Entrance, After the cut scene you will be able to enter but only 6 may enter the area. As they enter the laboratory, a battlefield symbol will appear granting access to only one party. After the battle, the second cut scene will be triggered. Once this cut scene is complete, all players who participated in the battle, will be back outside again in Xarcabard.

Cut Scene A Details

????: <player>? What are you doing here?

Wolfgang appears.

Wolfgang: Me? ... I cannot tell you I am afraid.
Wolfgang: I must depart. Until next time we meet.

End Of Cut Scene A

After the cut scene with Wolfgang, examine the “Sealed Entrance” again to enter the laboratory.

When the “Sealed Entrance” is selected, text will appear in the chat log, and then will give the players a choice:

The seal has been broken! Enter?
Not yet

If “Absolutely” is selected, you will enter the laboratory.

Text during transition of areas:

The seal has been broken here...
You see a light from within the hole...

If “Not Yet” is selected, you will return to play. Once inside the lab, the player must make their way to the Control Console, and select it, which will then spawn a Notorious Monster named Spartan Dreadnought.

Notorious Monster Details for Spartan Dreadnought

Please remember that these are only estimations based on my own experience of playing Final Fantasy XI Online. Some attacks and spells that this Notorious Monster can perform are new, but create a larger challenge.

Name: Spartan Dreadnaught
Family: Unknown
Job: Ninja / Dark Knight
Level: 80
HP: 20,000
MP: 5000

2-hour Abilities:
Mijin Gakure & Blood Weapon

Notes: Mijin Gakure will be used
at HP10%, but will NOT kill Spartan Dreadnought,
similar to Quu Dom the Punisher Notorious Monster in Castle Oztroja.

Special Abilities:
NIN - All Elemental: San spells
NIN - Utsusemi: Ichi and :Ni
DRK - Drain Spikes
DRK –  Souleater
DRK - All Absorb spells
Arcana Cloud
Blind and Stun
(AoE radius 20)
Arcana Fury
Attack and Accuracy + 100 for 60 seconds

60 second countdown to K.O status
Notes: Doom is removed if Notorious Monster is killed before 60 second timer has reached 0

Weapon skills:
Earth Crusher

Very susceptible to Silence, Stun, and Bind, Repose.
Weak to “Divine Magic” and Blunt Weapons.

Immune to Blind, Drain, Aspir, Sleep, Lullaby.
All DRK Absorb spells will have no effect
Strong against “Slashing” weapons and Elemental Magic is reduced to 50%

Once Spartan Dreadnaught is defeated, he will drop 6 Arcana Blood Vials.
Item is Rare and Exclusive. Each party member will need one to complete the next mission.

States: A small vial of blood taken from Spartan Dreadnaught.

Cut Scene B Details

Yoran-Oran appears.

: <player>! You did it!
Yoran-Oran: Hmmm? So this is the machine.

Yoran-Oran walks to the Control Console and begins pressing buttons.

Yoran-Oran: ....

Nothing happens. A humming noise is heard in the background.

Yoran-Oran: ... As I thought.

The noise then stops, so Yoran-Oran turns and faces you.

Yoran-Oran: Someone has been here already and has taken parts from the machine.
Yoran-Oran: The question is who?
????: More pressing is the question of where have they moved it to.

Yoran-Oran and you turn around to see Wolfgang.

Wolfgang: Do you have any ideas?
Yoran-Oran: What business have Jeuno on this matter might I ask?
Wolfgang: If the Shadow Lord truly returns, it will be the issue of the entire world.
Yoran-Oran: You are right, but we are doing all we can to find the person who is opening the portals.
Yoran-Oran: We are doing what we can to stop them!
Wolfgang: More the reason for you to accept the aid of Jeuno.
Wolfgang: Whether you like it or not Yoran-Oran, Jeuno is aiding your investigation.
Yoran-Oran: Very well. Have you any ideas on how to track the movements of this equipment?
Wolfgang: Hmmm?
Wolfgang: I'm guessing this machinery would use a lot of power?
Yoran-Oran: Indeed. What are you thinking?
Wolfgang: That we need someone who can sense mechanical and magical power fluctuations...
Wolfgang: How is Star Sibyl?
Yoran-Oran: She is still too weak I'm afraid.
Wolfgang: Hmmm? Would a Pearl Elixir help?
Yoran-Oran: Oh my... yes I think so. but I have not seen one of those for many years!
Yoran-Oran: Where can we get one of those?!
Wolfgang: It may be a wild goose chase, but I have heard of a group of Pearl Dragons spotted circling over one of the Riverne Site's.
Yoran-Oran: A Pearl Dragon???
Yoran-Oran: A rare creature indeed.
Wolfgang: Apparently not.
Yoran-Oran: Oh?
Wolfgang: I have heard many adventurers fallen victim to their ambush.
Wolfgang: <player>, slay a Pearl Dragon. A Pearl Dragon Wing and a Pearl Dragon Fang is what I think you will need.
Wolfgang: I am pretty sure that your friend Harith, will be able to make a Pearl Elixir easily using those ingredients.
Yoran-Oran: Be careful <player>. They will attack in groups. Pearl Dragons have always been pack animals.
Yoran-Oran: Bring me the Pearl Elixir as soon as you can. I will wait for you at my manor in Windurst.
Wolfgang: Good luck <player>.

Wolfgang and Yoran-Oran begin walking away.

Yoran-Oran: Oh, and <player>.
Yoran-Oran: Before you set off after the Pearl Dragon, be sure to take the blood to Harith from that monster!
Yoran-Oran: Then ask around in the Tavnazian Safehold for information on which Riverne Site Pearl Dragons have been sighted.
Yoran-Oran: Good Luck <player>!

Camera moves across the floor to the Jester’s feet who has been watching you.

????: Impressive
   (Impressive yes, irritating too)
????: Though, however irritating <player> is, our techniques are being aided in trial and error.
   (This experiment failed it did)
????: This experiment failed indeed, let us hope our new ally is having better luck, brother.
   (Luck better I hope, in Gilgamesh!)
????: Escape we must, before we are spotted!
   (Spotting us if we don’t escape now, they will!)

The camera fades as the Jester flees.

End of Cut Scene B


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