Mission 31: Jester’s Of The Moon

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Mission 31: Jester’s Of The Moon

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As you enter the battlefield for this fight, the players must select “Jester’s of the Moon” from the list. This will open the final fight of the story. The battle is against all six Black Waltz’s and the two Jesters. It is an uncapped battle with no time limit. A maximum of 18 players are allowed to participate. The battle is set in two parts. The Jester’s will not attack unless someone attacks them first, the Black Waltz’s however will automatically begin to attack when players are in range. Once all of the six Black Waltz’ are dead however, the Jester’s will start to attack. Below is the status effects for all Black Waltz’ and then on the next page, is the battle information on the two Jester’s Zorn and Thorn. Once the two Jesters and the Black Waltz’ are dead, a cut scene will trigger immediately. Similar to Mission 17, Harith and Wolfgang will fight along side the player’s party or alliance.

Black Waltz Battle Information

Name: Black Waltz
Family: Formor
Job: Black Mage
Level: 65
HP: 5000
MP: 9000
2 Hour Abilities: Manafont
Permanent active traits:
Double Cast +25
Arcana Defence Boost
Refresh (15MP per second)
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Magic Accuracy +10

Weapon Skills used:

All their own Elemental spells (including ninjitsu elemental spells and elemental weapons skills)
Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Poisonga II - Poisons party members within selected range
Sleepga III - Sleeps party members within selected range and lowers all attributes.


Weak to All status effects
Weak to their opposing element
Low HP and Defence

Note: Due to the storyline, these are considerably weaker and not as immune to status’ as previous missions

Elemental Shift is not active on the Black Mages during this fight.

Zorn and Thorn Battle Information

Name: Zorn and Thorn
Family: Hume
Job: Dancer
Level: 65
HP: 45000
MP: 12000
Permanent active traits:
Arcana Defence Boost
Auto-Protect V
Auto-Shell V
Refresh (15MP per second)

Weapon Skills used:
Hexa Strike

All their own Elemental spells (including ninjitsu elemental spells and elemental weapons skills)
Zorn: Thunder, Ice and Water Spells
Thorn: Fire, Aero and Earth Spells
Brothers Rage - Area of Magical damage focussing on member with the most Enmity (See notes)
Brothers in Arms - Sacrifice 50% of one Jester’s HP to cure the other Jester to full HP (See notes)
Brothers Solace - Removes any negative status effects from each other (See notes)
Butterflies - grants 50TP to self
Bell and Chain - Area of attack. Causes Bind, Silence and Paralyze to all in range.
Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area

Immune to Silence, Lullaby, Repose and Sleep.
High HP and Defences.

Weak to their opposing element

“Brothers” type attacks will only take effect when both Zorn and Thorn are alive. When one is defeated, these attacks will not be used.
 “Brothers Rage” will cause similar damage to that of Proto-Ultima’s “Citadel Buster” attack in Temenos area of Limbus.
 “Brothers In Arms” will sacrifice 50% of one Jester’s HP to fully Cure the other. This will take seconds to cast but can be stunned.
 “Brothers Solace” removes any negative status effects from the other. Instantaneous casting and cannot be stunned.

Harith Battle Information

Name: Harith
Family: Hume
Job: Red Mage / Ninja
Level: 70
HP: 5000
MP: 800
2 Hour Abilities: None
Permanent active traits:
Regen I
Refresh I
Accuracy Bonus
TP bonus
Dual Wield
Attack Bonus
Arcana Lore
Double Cast effect (25%)

Latent Effect (HP equal to or less than 50%):
Attack Bonus II
Accuracy Bonus II
TP Bonus II
Double Cast effect (45%)

Weapon Skills used:
All sword weapon skills

All tier III Black magic spells


Harith will begin automatically attacking the first monster to be physically attacked, and then will disengage. Similar to the way that a player’s own NPC will only attack current enemies, Harith will disengage once the current targeted monster has been defeated. Once a player begins to physically attack another monster, Harith will then begin auto-attacking the target. He will not switch automatically to a new target and begin attacking.

Wolfgang Battle Information

Name: Wolfgang
Family: Hume
Job: Paladin / Warrior
Level: 75
HP: 6000
MP: 2000
2 Hour Abilities: Invincible
Permanent active traits:
Auto-Refresh II
Fast Cast
Conserve MP +10
Defense Bonus V
Auto-Protect V
Auto-Shell V

Weapon Skills used:
Vorpal Blade
Knights of the Round

Shield Bash
Cure IV
Cure V
Cure VI

Wolfgang will begin automatically attacking the first monster to be physically attacked, and then will disengage. Similar to the way that a player’s own NPC will only attack current enemies, Harith will disengage once the current targeted monster has been defeated. Once a player begins to physically attack another monster, Wolfgang will then begin auto-attacking the target. He will not switch automatically to a new target and begin attacking.

Wolfgang’s behaviour will be instantly noticed by players, as when auto-attacking, his first action will be “Provoke“, followed by “Flash”. As his HP reaches 75% he will use a “Cure IV“, and if his HP reaches 25%, he will begin to use “Invincible” and “Cure VI”. He will also cast “Cure IV” on any party or alliance members who currently have less than or equal to 30% their current HP.

In short, Wolfgang will be acting as a “tank” figure for the players in this battle

Cut Scene Details

Zorn and Thorn are knelt down as the camera fades in. The Black Waltz’s fade away in a black smoke one by one.

Zorn: Brother…?
Thorn: Brother… we have failed him…
Zorn: Failed our master we … have…brother…
Thorn: Captain… Why…!?
Zorn: Murdered us Captain has…
Harith: You two have killed yourselves!
Harith: A part of you died somewhere during that mission all those years ago
Harith: The men, including myself respected you two! Did you know that!?
Zorn: Respect us?
Thorn: Respect us?
Harith: Yes we did. In the face of danger you could still keep us calm with your attitudes!
Harith: You two made our mission a success because you would not fail to keep our spirits high!
Harith: We even had a ceremony of your deaths!
Harith: So no, I have not killed you, you did that yourselves.
Zorn: You… too … respected us?
Thorn: That cannot … be!? Captain left us!
Zorn: Captain left us… to .. die…
Wolfgang: He followed orders and now, so have both of you.
Wolfgang: Now look at yourselves…
Wolfgang: You are under arrest for treason upon Vana’diel, and will be subject to the full penalty…
Harith: … of Death, or an eternity in the dungeon cells.
Harith: You have a choice Zorn and Thorn… come now, and it will be the dungeons I swear.
Wolfgang: Resist, and you will be subject to Death.
Zorn: …
Thorn: …
Zorn: Brother!?
Thorn: Brother…
Zorn: It has been an honour serving with you, brother…
Thorn: An honour it has been for myself brother…

Zorn and Thorn face each other and salute. Then face you, Harith and Wolfgang.

Zorn: Ready we are…
Thorn: We are ready…
Zorn: Now finish us!
& Thorn

You and Wolfgang stagger. Harith sighs…

Harith: So you really choose death?

Zorn and Thorn draw their weapons.

Zorn: We cannot expect you to understand Captain.
Thorn: Understand you will not Captain, Death now rather than in prison we choose.
Wolfgang: But you may be released? You may find peace? There are options Zorn and Thorn…
Zorn: Decided we have!
Thorn: Death we choose, to Arcana until resurrection we shall stay!
Zorn: Indeed Brother, resurrection we shall stay until our day will come…
Harith: No one but us knows you are alive… No one will call for you…
Zorn: Silence ex-Captain! Now Kill us!
& Thorn
Wolfgang: No, I refuse.

You shake your head. The Jesters begin charging at Harith with their weapons drawn.

Zorn: AAAARGH!!!!!
& Thorn

Harith quickly draws his two swords and stabs both Zorn and Thorn. For a moment they are standing… Sorrowful music is played as they drop their clubs…

Zorn: …. Thank you … Captain…
& Thorn

Harith drops his swords as Zorn and Thorn Fall to the floor. He then kneels beside them both.

Harith: It is over… Sleep well my friends…
Wolfgang: It’s over Harith, they are in a better place now.
Harith: What if they are not? What if they have gone to Arcana?
Wolfgang: I don’t think they have.
Wolfgang: I believe they wanted it all to end, and it has.
Harith: Maybe you are right Wolfgang.
Harith: It is just sad, they had no idea about how the men felt about them.
Harith: All that anger, mutated over the years. We could have stopped this so long ago…
Harith: …
Wolfgang: Are you all right Harith?
Harith: Yes, I’m just a bit …. well.. sad I suppose. I’ve not felt like this for a long time…
Harith: <player> I thank you for helping them find peace…
Harith: You saved us all from the Shadow Lord’s return.

The camera fades out and then back in as you are standing outside in Xarcabard.

Wolfgang: Heh! People will be telling these tales for many years <player>, You are a hero!
Wolfgang: It has been an honour working with you again <player>.
Harith: Maybe one day they will return, but they know who is here, and they fear you <player>.
Wolfgang: Maybe one day yes, but we all will be here to stop them again.
Wolfgang: Let us inform Star Sibyl of what has happened, I believe Gilgamesh will be relieved to know it is all over now too.
Harith: Yes I will inform Gilgamesh at once, <player> go and see Star Sibyl and ….

The Star Sibyl and Yoran-Oran approaches, followed by six Mithra guards led by Semih Lafihna.

Wolfgang: Star Sibyl!
Harith: Oh my …!

You, Harith and Wolfgang kneel as they approach.

Star Sibyl: Rise from your knees <player>, Harith and Wolfgang.

You all rise and Star Sibyl looks at Wolfgang..

Star Sibyl: Wolfgang, you are Jeuno’s Captain of the Guard. I am happy you are well.
Wolfgang: My Lady Star Sibyl. What brings you here?
Star Sibyl: I felt an enormous energy flow from here, the balance of powers was not even some time ago.
Wolfgang: My Lady, we fought and defeated the Shadow Lord. The balance of unequal power you speak of, may have been from the summoning of Kujata.
Star Sibyl: I see.
Star Sibyl: Your noble spirit, and bravery for the good of Vana’diel, has led you all to victory Wolfgang.
Star Sibyl: The people of Vana’diel owe you everything and for that we have a gift for you.

Semih Lafihna walks up to Wolfgang and hands him a new sword.

Semih Lafihna: Congratulations on yourrrrr victory Wolfgang.
Wolfgang: I thank you.

Star Sibyl looks at Harith.

Star Sibyl: Harith. You have played a part in this tail to an extent that has deemed you a hero amongst the Ministry of Magic.
Star Sibyl: Your skills and bravery, as well as your knowledge for the matter at hand, has helped tremendously in the victory of this situation.
Star Sibyl: Even though you were banished, for the good of the world you put aside the past to confront the ghosts that reside in the present.
Star Sibyl: For this act of Bravery, the Ministry of Magic would like to offer you this token of appreciation.

Yoran-Oran steps forward with a book.

Yoran-Oran: Harith, we thank you for your help in stopping the Shadow Lord from returning.
Yoran-Oran: We wish to give you this book on the mysteries of Vana’diel, as an apology.
Yoran-Oran: As well as welcome you back into the Ministry of Magic, where we ask if you will become a teacher for the students!
Yoran-Oran: We owe our lives to you Harith, and for that, we thank you.

Yoran-Oran bows and steps back. Star Sibyl then walks to you.

Star Sibyl: <player>. Fate that we keep meeting like this. In all of the years I have stood in Windurst and watched the Cosmo’s I have never seen anything like what I see in you.
Star Sibyl: You have become a living God amongst your enemies. No matter what, you are willing to sacrifice yourself for Vana’diel.
Star Sibyl: No matter what battles you face, you always are victorious because of your valor, as well as your passion for what is good.
Star Sibyl: The people of this world, their children, husbands, brothers, wives, sisters, fathers and mothers are indebted to you <player>.
Star Sibyl: For this act of bravery like no other, we all are at your mercy…

Star Sibyl, Yoran-Oran, Harith, Wolfgang, Semih Lafihna and all guards kneel in front of you! The camera moves to the right of you and you can see Gilgamesh standing behind.

Gilgamesh: <player>?

You turn around. Gilgamesh walks up to you…

Gilgamesh: …

Gilgamesh kneels in front of you and you stagger!

Gilgamesh: Forgive me for all I have done…

You nod and kneel as well…as you do everyone else gets up. After a second, you and Gilgamesh stand up.

Star Sibyl: We did this here, to ensure none of the happenings are heard of.
Harith: The less people know the better I suppose.
Semih Lafihna: Indeed, <player>, please accept this reward on behalf of Windurst.

You are rewarded 50,000 gil.

Gilgamesh: I also have something for <player>.

You shake your head.

Gilgamesh: Honestly, it be fine. Please come to Norg, I’ll be happy to hand it to ye.
Gilgamesh: Thought I must speak with the Lady Stay Sibyl if I may for a moment in private.
Star Sibyl: Of course Gilgamesh. On behalf of the people of the world, we thank you Brave Warriors of Vana’diel, Harith, Wolfgang and <player>.

Star Sibyl, Gilgamesh, Yoran-Oran Semih Lafihna and her guards all walk away.

Wolfgang: That was unexpected…
Harith: Indeed! I’m reinstitutionalised into the Ministry of Magic as a Teacher! My word…
Wolfgang: Well done Harith! And <player> too. We thank you with all our heart <player>
Harith: Come see me in Jeuno sometime, maybe you can help me unravel these mysteries from this book <player>.

You nod and Harith walks away.

Harith: Until we meet again then <player>
Wolfgang: Well then <player>. This is where we go our separate ways is seems…

Wolfgang and you are looking into the sky.

Wolfgang: Perhaps he will come back, if he does try, I will send for you <player>.
Wolfgang: Your light radiates though the darkest days, victory is always yours no matter what you do.
Wolfgang: I will return to Jeuno, and we will speak of nothing that has happened here.
Wolfgang: But we know in our hearts what has happened.
Wolfgang: it is our hearts and Valour that gave us strength to defeat our ghosts from the past.
Wolfgang: Never forget that <player>.
Wolfgang: Farewell…

Wolfgang walks away and the camera fades out.

End Of Cut Scene


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