Mission 13 - New Foes

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Mission 13 - New Foes

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2016 1:30 pm

Mission 13 is a simple Notorious Monster fight in Riverne Site B01. Due to the level cap and the area, I decided to put them as a “pop“ Notorious Monster, instead of a normal monster. Once the Large Pearl Feather is selected, all party members will receive the symbol at the top of their screen, similar to the battlefield icon that allows only their own party to participate in the fight, similar to the “Succor to the Sidhe” quest for Augmented Weapons. Once players have received the items they must trade the ingredients to Harith in Ru’Lude Gardens and then wait until the next game day. Once it is the next game day, you will be able to talk to Harith again and receive a new “Key Item: Pearl Elixir”. This is the entire Mission 13.

Notorious Monster Details for Pearl Dragon’s

Name: Pearl Dragon
Family: Wyrm
Job: Warrior
Level: 55
HP: 3500
MP: 600
2 Hour Abilities: None
Special Abilities:
Pearl Armour (Stoneskin effect)
White Stare (Stone effect on targeted person)
Dispelling Wind
Dragon’s Call

Note: Dragon’s call will summon another
Pearl Dragon to fight against you. This ability
cannot be stunned as is instantaneous.

Susceptible to Lullaby

Immune to Sleep and Stun

Each additional dragon spawn will have a chance of dropping Wings and Fangs but a lesser chance. The first Pearl Dragon spawned will always drop 1 Pearl Dragon Wing and 1 Pearl Dragon Fang

Cut Scene A Details

Harith: ...Well, I truly am surprised.
Harith: Who'd have thought that Pearl Dragons would return to Vana’diel one day.
Harith: I would love to see them with my own eyes.
Harith: Hmmm!? Now, the potion...
Harith: I will complete the Pearl Elixir as soon as I can.
Harith: It isn't too complex but it does take some hours to brew completely.
Harith: Please come back to me tomorrow to pick up the potion <player>.
Harith: Until tomorrow then...

End Of Cut Scene A

Once one “game” day has passed, the player can speak to Harith once more and receive the Peal Elixir Key Item and proceed to the next mission.

Cut Scene B Details

Harith: It is completed <player>.
Harith: Take this Pearl Elixir to Yoran-Oran as soon as possible.

Player receives Key Item: Pearl Elixir!

Harith: Keep me informed about Star Sibyl's health.
Harith: And <player>, please hurry.

End Of Cut Scene B


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