Mission 20 - Deadly Dance

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Mission 20 - Deadly Dance

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Mission 20 consists of a battle against three of the Black Waltz’ featured in the story. The battle is within The Shrouded Maw area, in the same arena as the Diabolos fight in the Chains of Promathia missions. When opening the battle from the pedestal, the player must select “Deadly Dance” from the list. This will allow one party to enter the area for the battle. A short cut scene will occur on entry and also a cut scene after the fight. After the finishing cut scene, all participating party members will be outside again around the pedestal in The Shrouded Maw. There is no time limit for this battle.

Cut Scene A Details

You run in as Gilgamesh is speaking with Diabolos.

Gilgamesh: Where is she…!?
Diabolos: I do not know of whom you speak mortal.
Gilgamesh: Liar! Where is my daughter!?
Diabolos: Mortal, do not call me a liar. I have no reason to lie.
Diabolos: Perhaps you should ask that strange character, dressed like a Jester. He was here not long ago.
Gilgamesh: What!? Where did he go!?
Diabolos: Such anger…
Gilgamesh: Tell me!
Diabolos: Very well, he departed for an airship, he did not say where to.
Diabolos: He took a book he found here.

Gilgamesh flees past you, as if you are not even there! And Diabolos speaks with you.

Diabolos: There is a force with him, <player>.
Diabolos: Something dark resides within his heart.
Diabolos: I can sense it, but it’s not will that makes him lean towards darkness…

Burst II animation is cast on Diabolos and so Diabolos disappears. The Black Waltz appears from behind you.

Black Waltz-T: That is enough of that…
Black Waltz-T: You are becoming somewhat troublesome <player>.
Black Waltz-T: You leave me no choice.

Black Waltz-T puts his hand to his ear.

Black Waltz-T: Commence Phase 4, gather together Black Waltz-W and Black Waltz-F immediately.

Black Waltz-W and Black Waltz-F appear beside Black Waltz-T.

Black Waltz-T: Time to end this.
Black Waltz-T: Prepare yourself for Oblivion!

The camera fades and the battle begins.

End Of Cut Scene A

Black Waltz Battle Information

Name: Black Waltz
Family:  Formor
Job: Black Mage
Level: 65
HP: 15000
MP: 9000
2 Hour Abilities: Manafont
Permanent active traits:
Double Cast +25
Arcana Defence Boost
Auto-Shell V
Fast Cast
Conserve MP +20%
Refresh (15MP per second)
Spell Interruption rate -100%

Elemental Shift  - See notes
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Magic Accuracy +10

Weapon Skills used:

All their own Elemental spells (including ninjitsu elemental spells)
Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Poisonga II - Poisons party members within selected range
Sleepga III - Sleeps party members within selected range and lowers all attributes.

Immune to Silence, Bind, Sleep and Stun magicks.

Weak to Lullaby and Repose.
Weak to their opposing element
Weak to “Slashing” Damage
Low HP and Defence

The floor does not fall as it does in the fight against the Diabolos fight.

Elemental Shift – Always active job ability that enables them to absorbe their own elements
if used against them and restores HP equal to damage of the elemental attack used on them.

Black Waltz-T casts all thunder spells, including Stunaga (“Stun“ area of effect).
Also will absorb all thunder related spells and weapon skills.

Black Waltz-F casts all fire spells, including Flaraga (Ancient Magic “Flare” area of attack).
Also will absorb all fire related spells and weapon skills.

Black Waltz-W casts all wind spells, including Gravaga (“Gravity” Area effect spell).
Also will absorb all wind related spells and weapon skills.

After all of the Black Waltz’ are defeated, a cut scene will automatically trigger. This is the final cut scene for this mission. Once the cut scene is completed, players will be back outside in The Shrouded Maw area.

Cut Scene B Details

Black Waltz-W and Black Waltz-F are knelt, and then fade out together. As they fade out, Black Waltz-T kneels and puts his hand to his ear.

Black Waltz-T: Mission Failed my Lord, returning to H.Q.
????:   Understood. What’s your status?
Black Waltz-T: Argh… Weakened, but we are alive.
????:    Understood, now get out of there! I need you in Norg! You know what to do. Do not fail me.

The Black Waltz-T stands up.

Black Waltz-T: As entertaining as this is, I will have to deal with you another time. It seems our mutual friend Gilgamesh and I have another meeting soon.

You shake your head and get angry. Then charge at the Black Waltz-T, but he disappears!
You look around and then the camera fades out. Game play is resumed as players are once again in the Shrouded Maw area

End Of Cut Scene B


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