Mission 14 - Ancient Medicine

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Mission 14 - Ancient Medicine

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There are three cut scenes that complete Mission 14. The first is a simple cut scene as the player opens Yoran-Oran’s House’s Door in Windurst Walls. After this cut scene, the player will need to visit Kupipi in Heaven’s Tower again for a small cut scene. The final cut scene can only be accessed after waiting one “game” day after the previous cut scene. These short cut scenes are what will complete Mission 14.

Cut Scene A Details

Yoran-Oran: <player>? Have you the Pearl Elixir?
Yoran-Oran: May I see it?
Yoran-Oran: ...
Yoran-Oran: Amazing! <player>!
Yoran-Oran: You must take the Pearl Elixir to Star Sibyl immediately.
Yoran-Oran: There is no time to waste!

Camera fades out

End Of Cut Scene A

The next cut scene is in Heaven’s Tower in Windurst Walls. The cut scene will trigger once the player speaks with Kupipi at the desk.

Cut Scene B Details

Kupipi: <player>? You're back!
Yoran-Oran: Kupipi...
Kupipi: Yoran-Oran? What are you doing here?
Yoran-Oran: <player> has the Pearl Elixir!
Kupipi: Truly?
Yoran-Oran: Yes, please take us to Star Sibyl immediately.

Camera fades out then back in again within Star Sibyl's chamber.

Yoran-Oran: Greetings Semih Lafihna.
Semih Lafihna: Yoran-Oran? Kupipi? <player>?
Semih Lafihna: What is the meaning of this intrusion?
Kupipi: <player> has the Pearl Elixir!
Semih Lafihna: ?!
Yoran-Oran: It is true! I have seen it.
Semih Lafihna: Then what are you waiting for?
Semih Lafihna: Administer the Pearl Elixir immediately!
Yoran-Oran: <player>, go ahead.

Your character walks up to Star Sibyl on her bed and camera fades out.
Camera fades back in downstairs at Kupipi's desk with Yoran-Oran, your character and Kupipi.

Kupipi: Semih Lafihna will stay with Star Sibyl.
Yoran-Oran: I am sorry <player> but can you come back to us in the morning?
Yoran-Oran: We will know if the Pearl Elixir has taken an effect or not by then.
Kupipi: I am sure that Star Sibyl will definitely want to see you when she can.
Yoran-Oran: Indeed.
Yoran-Oran: Until the morning then, goodnight <player>.
Kupipi: Thank you <player>, and goodbye until the morning!

Camera Zooms out to see mysterious character on the stairs. The character places his hand on his ear as if talking within a linkshell.

Black Waltz-T: Operation failed, requesting new orders.
????: Understood, we can still accomplish our goal, you will have to inform the others.
????: We are going to Phase-2. Get your soldier’s ready and prepare Gilgamesh immediately.
Black Waltz-T: Understood my Lord. Returning to Laboratory.

The Black Waltz warps out and the camera fades out.

End Of Cut Scene B

Player must now wait for one game day before being able to access the final cut scene of this mission. Once a game day has passed, the player must select Kupipi again at the desk.

Cut Scene C

Kupipi: <player>! I'm so glad you're back!
Kupipi: Star Sibyl wishes to see you!
Kupipi: Please follow me!

Camera fades out then fade back in within Star Sibyl's chamber. You walk in with Kupipi. Yoran-Oran, Semih Lafihna an Star Sibyl are in the room.

Kupipi: My Lady, <player> has arrived.
Star Sibyl: Thank you Kupipi.

Kupipi bows and leaves.

Star Sibyl: I truly owe you my life <player>.
Star Sibyl: I must admit I am curious to how you acquired a rare potion such as a Pearl Elixir.
Star Sibyl: Forgive my asking but how did you come across this item?
????: <player> found the rarest creatures, and defeated them.

Harith walks in the room and stands beside you.

Harith: <player> found and fought Pearl Dragons.
Harith: He brought me the items I needed to create for you, the Pearl Elixir.
Star Sibyl: You...
Star Sibyl: You are Harith?
Harith: My Lady, Star Sibyl.

Harith bows.

Semih Lafihna: You know him my lady?
Star Sibyl: Harith has been expelled from the Ministry of Magicks for his interest in the Dark Arts.
Harith: Indeed...
Yoran-Oran: Harith has been an invaluable asset to us in retrieving information on Arcana, my lady.
Star Sibyl: Arcana?....
Semih Lafihna: Yes, do you remember?
Star Sibyl: Yes I remember, but how do you know of Arcana Harith?
Harith: I have researched the Dark Arts since I was expelled from the order.
Harith: Arcana is just one of the many rumours that interested me.
Harith: You seem surprised?
Star Sibyl: You misunderstand.
Semih Lafihna: The Arcana world has always been of the strictest order or silence as far as I understand.
Yoran-Oran: I understand that, and I know that Harith would not have told anyone about his findings.
Harith: I understand more than you think my lady.
Harith: I understand about the secrets of Arcana.
Harith: I know of the Shadow Lord's return.
Harith: I know of portal synthesis, Lion, the connection and I also think I may know who is opening the portals.
Semih Lafihna: Explain yourself Harith.
Star Sibyl: What secrets do you think you know, Harith?
Yoran-Oran: Hmmm? I'm intrigued to know.
Harith: Hmph, I would rather talk about more pressing matters, my lady.
Semih Lafihna: You dare answer back to Star Sibyl? Answer our lady's question!
Harith: I could, but you realise that in the time it would take me to tell you how I know such things, our current situation will have deteriorated.
Semih Lafihna: What do you mean? I'm tired of these riddles!
Yoran-Oran: Semih Lafihna, please calm down.
Yoran-Oran: Harith, what situation do you speak of?
Star Sibyl: I... I can sense...
Semih Lafihna: My Lady?
Star Sibyl: I can sense a dark force!
Harith: Another portal was quickly opened somewhere in the Sauromugue Champagne area.
Harith: I'm sorry I could not sense a more accurate location, but my magic skills are not great.
Harith: Alchemy is my skill after all.
Star Sibyl: Could it be...?
Harith: ?!
Semih Lafihna: Hmm?!
Yoran-Oran: My lady Star Sibyl?
Star Sibyl: ...Something that doesn't belong, has broken through into this world.
Harith: Hmmm?
Yoran-Oran: <player> has been an truly valuable asset to us all through this ordeal.
Yoran-Oran: I would suggest sending <player> to investigate Sauromugue Champagne.
Harith: I agree.
Semih Lafihna: Hmm, I do too.
Star Sibyl: Then it is settled.
Star Sibyl: <player>, I trust you will investigate this matter.
Semih Lafihna: Hmm? Harith?
Harith: Yes?
Semih Lafihna: You thought you knew who was making the portals. Who do you think it is?
Harith: I need some more time to prove my theory.
Semih Lafihna: Your accusations are just a thought? No evidence?
Harith: Not as of yet Semih Lafihna, but when I have proved who it is, you will undoubtedly be one of the first to know.
Semih Lafihna: Very well. Until next time we meet.
Star Sibyl: Good Luck <player>.

End Of Cut Scene C


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