Mission 9 - Troubled Findings

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Mission 9 - Troubled Findings

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:17 pm

Mission 9 is one cut scene that occurs when speaking to Harith in Ru’Lude Gardens, Jeuno.

Cut Scene Details

Harith: Ah <player>. I was afraid you was not to come.
Harith: I have news, though it is only a small morsel of information.
Harith: I have discovered that there was another in the past who tried opening the portal to Arcana.
Harith: During the Crystal War, a Jeuno Knight named Argonath, sought the help of a scientist named Malcomana.
Harith: Together they had lost their families and when the Knight had heard of Arcana, he wanted to bring them back.
Harith: Malcomana and Argonath both shared this dream, so began making a machine to open the door.
Harith: When the Order in Jeuno heard of this they banished the Knight from Jeuno.
Harith: As was Malcomana. They both where never seen again.
Harith: I tell you this because I found Argonath's diary!
Harith: It states that in Xarcabard there is a base of operations.
Harith: It was here that they built the machine!
Harith: The diary said that it had never worked though.
Harith: The rest of the book is ruined with age, I'm sorry. I don't know anymore than that.
Harith: I'm betting if someone knew of that machine, it wont be there now.
Harith: You are to see Cid aren't you?
Harith: Maybe he knows why their machine didn't work.
Harith: Of course, I don't want it to work.
Harith: I'm concerned that if he has told anyone why it wouldn't work, someone could use that information to repair the machine.
Harith: He might know if someone has been asking about it.
Harith: I shall remain here. If I find out anything else I will contact you.
Harith: Good Luck <player>.

As the camera zooms out the Jester is there again watching and listening.

????: Hmm? Interesting..
   (Interesting this is indeed!)
????: Found our other way they have brother.
   (Yes! Now to Gilgamesh we must go!)

The Jester puts his hand to his ear…

????: Black Waltz-T. Come in. Your orders are to head to Norg, find Gilgamesh and convince him to repair the machine in Xarcabard…
   (Done, it is!)
????: We must prepare…
   (Flee we must! Prepare we shall!)

The camera fades out and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene


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