Mission 8 - Methods of Madness

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Mission 8 - Methods of Madness

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:12 pm

Mission 8’s small cut scene is triggered by selecting Yoran-Oran front door, after the previous mission is complete.

Cut Scene Details

Yoran-Oran: Thank you for coming <player>.
Yoran-Oran: I have discovered something about our little mystery.
Yoran-Oran: Portals, or 'doors' are created by two ways.
Yoran-Oran: One way is by very powerful magicks.
Yoran-Oran: The other is through mechanical methods.
Yoran-Oran: To be honest I have never met anyone with the power to open such portals.
Yoran-Oran: Other than the Star Sibyl of course.
Yoran-Oran: Other than her, there is no one…
Yoran-Oran: This means who ever is opening the portals is using a machine to open the portals.
Yoran-Oran: I need you to go to speak with our good friend Cid and find out if he knows anything about this.
Yoran-Oran: Oh and I hear Harith has some news to tell you as well.
Yoran-Oran: Best not keep him waiting.
Yoran-Oran: Please return when you have more information. I will research more into this matter.
Yoran-Oran: …Oh and <player>?
Yoran-Oran: Please be cautious.

The camera fades out and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene


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