Mission 7 - False Truth

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Mission 7 - False Truth

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 11:08 pm

This mission is again a cut scene. To trigger the cut scene simple the player must speak with Kupipi in Heaven’s tower after waiting one “game” day after the previous mission.

Cut Scene Details

Kupipi:   Thank you for returning. I will take you to see Star Sibyl.

The Camera fades out then back in at the Star Sibyls quarters. You approach Star Sibyl and Semih Lafihna.

Star Sibyl:   Ah <player>. Thank you for the Vile Elixir.
Star Sibyl:   I must apologise. I am still not well, but I will explain as best I can.
Star Sibyl:   I understand that you have been told about Arcana.
Star Sibyl:   Semih Lafihna has told me of Yoran-Oran and Harith's conversation with you.
Star Sibyl:  What I tell you now is known only to few, but the events of late overthrow any hold on secret affairs.
Star Sibyl:   What you was told about Arcana is true. I know because I can sense Arcana.
Star Sibyl:    I have studied magicks and the cosmos for more time than I know.
Star Sibyl:    Arcana a place that cannot be founded, nor gathered for evidence.
Star Sibyl:   That is why the Ministry could not accept Arcana's existence. If it is not backed by evidence, then the Ministry will not believe it to be true.
Star Sibyl:   It is also true that doors or 'portals' can only be opened if a connection from both planes are active at the same time.
Semih Lafihna: So someone in this world was trying to make contact with another in the Arcana world?
Star Sibyl:   Yes it is true. Lion’s appearance means that the person trying to make contact was trying to speak with her.
Star Sibyl:    I... I am still too weak, but I am trying to sense where the door is being made.

Star Sibyl kneels and Semih Lafihna runs to her.

Semih Lafihna: My lady? Are you alrrright?
Star Sibyl:    Yes.. Yes I'm alright. I need rest.
Star Sibyl:    <player>. Speak with Yoran-Oran, and see if he has any news. Then seek out who is opening these doors and stop them!

You nod and leave. Camera fades out then fades back in at original position near Kupipi's desk. As you are back at the desk, Semih Lafihna walks up to you.

Semih Lafihna: <player>...
Semih Lafihna: I hear Harith wishes to speak with you. Maybe he knows who opened the portal?
Semih Lafihna: Rrreport back here when you have more news. Farrrrewell.

Semih Lafihna walks away and camera zoom’s out slightly to show the Jester again standing on the stairway.

????: Failure?!
   (Did we fail?!)
????: No! We cannot fail our master!
   (Our master we cannot fail! Another way there is!)
????: Yes! Of course! Another way their must be!
   (But how do we gather another energy source?)
????: Gather an energy source we must, but massive it must be….
   (It must be massive indeed, or we cannot complete our goal!)
????: We cannot fail again!
   (Fail! We cannot!)
????: Hmmm….
????: Lion’s appearance has given us an opportunity.
   (Finished with Lion we thought we were?)
????: Finished we are not…
   (Of course!)
????: Indeed!
   (Use Gilgamesh again we must!)
????: We must trick Gilgamesh again into our bidding…
   (Our bidding Gilgamesh will do!)
????: It is time to unveil our army! We must remain hidden brother.
   (Our army we will unveil! Hidden we must be)
????: If not, he will not release us!
   (Release us he must!)
????: But first, a little chore…
   (A chore we must complete!)
????: We must retire back to the laboratory…
   (Back we must, to the laboratory)
????: …
   (What troubles you brother?)
????: This <player>… we will need to watch them closely
   (Watch we will, danger they are)

The camera fades out, and game play can be resumed.

End Of Cut Scene


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