Mission 5 - Gathering Information

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Mission 5 - Gathering Information

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This mission is simple one cut scene again. It is triggered when you enter Heaven’s Tower in Windurst Walls.

Cut Scene Details

Kupipi approaches you.

Kupipi: <player>! Thank heavens you're here-aru!
Kupipi: Star Sibyl is not well at all!
Kupipi: She has been calling for you-aru!

Camera fades out and fades in again inside the Star Sibyl's quarters where she is on a bed surrounded by Kupipi, Yoran-Oran, Semih Lafihna and you.

Star Sibyl: ....Uuurgh...aaauuurgh...
Kupipi: <player> is here-aru, my lady.
Star Sibyl: ..uuurgh?! ... <player>....? C-come ...forward...

You step forward and kneel.

Star Sibyl: C-Close... Close... the door... You... Must...

Star Sibyl Falls asleep. You stand and Semih Lafihna steps forward and kneels.

Semih Lafihna: Rrrrrest Star Sibyl.

Semih Lafihna stands and turns to you.

Semih Lafihna: Maybe you can tell us what is going on.

You shake your head. Semih Lafihna gets angry.

Semih Lafihna:  LIAR!
Yoran-Oran:    Semih! You will wake-aru Star Sibyl. Let us speak outside.
Semih Lafihna:  Very well.

Camera fades out then fades back in at original position downstairs by the entrance.

Semih Lafihna: <player>, what is going on here?
Yoran-Oran:   Our apologies <player> but you see, but she just collapsed-aru and has been like that ever since!
Semih Lafihna:  She has been calling forrrrr you all this time. You must know something?
Yoran-Oran:      If there is something you know that will help us heal her please tell us!

You nod and camera fades out and then back in, giving the impression of yourself explaining what has happened.

Yoran-Oran:      ... Oh my-aru...
Semih Lafihna:  ? You believe him? a Story like that?
Yoran-Oran:    Yes, if <player> is correct, then these are indeed dark times.
Semih Lafihna:  Do explain
Harith:    Perhaps I can assist.

Harith approaches.

Yoran-Oran:      Harith? I thought you where dead?!
Harith:        Hmph! After the Ministry banished me for my interest in dark magicks, I took my research to Jeuno in hiding.
Harith:    I have researched that pendant, <player>. My results are troubling me.
Semih Lafihna: What do you mean?
Harith:    The pendant is from a dark world, in complete opposite from ours.
Yoran-Oran:    Then it is true...
Harith:    Yes. The world of Arcana truly exists
Semih Lafihna:  !? ... Arcana?
Yoran-Oran:  Arcana is a place for wandering souls before they have fully "Moved On" to the heavens-aru!
Harith:   When something is killed here, no matter if they are hume, elvann, goblin or whatever; their body returns to the planet.
Yoran-Oran:   However their souls travel through time, space and magic to their afterlife into heavens or indeed into the catacombs of Hell.
Harith:   Arcana is the place inbetween our world and the individuals afterlife. Grieved from their passing, spirits simply refuse to move on.
Harith:    Arcana is where they are sent until they are ready.
Kupipi:     ..Sounds Scary-aru
Semih Lafihna:  What's this world like?
Yoran-Oran:      No-one knows-aru for sure, not even the Ministry had any ideas.
Yoran-Oran:    They issued orders for research into the Arcana 'Story' to be destroyed because of insufficient evidence of its existence-aru!
Harith:    According to my calculations, it should be the opposite of our world with a few    alterations.
Harith:    I need to do more research to be sure.
Yoran-Oran:    Harith, do you know why Lion's ghost would have appeared like that?
Harith:    I'm not sure.
Harith:   What I do know is that portals to other worlds are not opened out of nothing.
Semih Lafihna: What do you mean?
Harith:    However Lion's ghost appeared, she did so with help.
Harith:   Someone from this world tried to make contact with her.
Yoran-Oran:   But why did she go to <player>?
Harith:   Because of the message she gave <player>.
Harith:   Lion stated "Protect all. He is trying to come back. The Portal is almost open"
Yoran-Oran:   Yes-aru! She stated that it was the Shadow Lord.
Semih Lafihna: Could he be trying to open a portal?... really?
Kupipi:   Can he do that from Arcana?
Harith:   Not without help from this world. Someone must have been trying to contact Lion and crossed a connection and so a portal was made.
Kupipi:   Lion must be trying to warn us!
Yoran-Oran:   I'm sure whoever did that will try again to contact Lion.
Harith:  I agree. First we need Star Sibyl back to health. She may have more information on these matters.
Yoran-Oran:   <player>. Please seek a Vile Elixir. This may help bring Star Sibyl's strength back.
Kupipi:   Bring it to me as soon as you can to save our Star Sibyl!
Harith:   I will continue my research in Jeuno. Until next we meet <player>...

The camera zooms back as Yoran-Oran, Kupipi, Harith  and Semih Lafihna walk away, and shows the back of a Jester who has been watching you on the stairway.

End Of Cut Scene


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