Mission 4 - Jeuno Rush

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Mission 4 - Jeuno Rush

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:50 pm

There are two cut scenes that complete Mission 4. Both scenes are in Ru’Lude Gardens. The mission log will not update until both cut scenes are completed. The first scene triggers once you are in front of the Grand Duke Palace entrance, at H-7. The second scene occurs when you speak with Harith NPC at H-5 after the first scene is complete.

Cut Scene A

Wolfgang approaches you.

Wolfgang: <Player>? It’s been some time hasn’t it?
Wolfgang: It is good to see you again. What brings you to Jeuno?

Screen fades out and then back I giving the impression that you explain everything to Wolfgang.

Wolfgang: ...
Wolfgang: May I see the pendant?
Wolfgang: ... Very interesting <player>.
Wolfgang: !?

Wolfgang staggers.

Wolfgang: <player> this is not an ordinary pendant!
Wolfgang: I ... I must go.
Wolfgang: I am sorry old friend, I’ve no time to explain

Wolfgang runs away and camera shows Harith watching you both.

End Of Cut Scene A

After this scene, the player can control his/her character once more and proceed to Harith for the next scene. To trigger this scene, the player must talk to Harith.

Cut Scene B

Harith: !?
Harith: <player>, you have seen the dead walk...
Harith: Am I Wrong?

You take pendant out of pocket and show it to Harith.

Harith: !!

Harith Staggers

Harith: Where did you get such a cursed trinket?
Harith: A Ghost? Hmm I thought I heard you say that to Wolfgang…
Harith: Could it be true?...
Harith: Pardon me, I have work which I must do immediately.
Harith: Please meet me in Windurst and I will explain my findings.
Harith: ...
Harith: <player>?
Harith: Always remember, the dead cannot return. Remember that.

The camera fades out and game play resumes.

End Of Cut Scene B


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