Synopsis of "Remnant of the Lich"

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Synopsis of "Remnant of the Lich"

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:54 am

The Lich King has awakened prematurely and has returned to Azeroth, however the spirit of Bolvar has not yet been broken and the pieces of Ner'zhul's spirit have been pieced together by the joining of Bolvar to the Lich’s presence.

Fighting to keep the Lich’s presence under control, and feeling the unmatched power it possesses, Bolvar flee’s whilst he can, as far as possible to try tame the Lich. On his journey he encounters a new strange land, filled with odd, blood drinking creatures. When attacked he has no choice but to let the Lich’s power take over to defeat them. However, Bolvar’s body is infected, and further mutilated, yet granted new strength. Now broken in mind, body and soul, the Remnant presence of the Lich takes full physical control and brings further domination and fear back to Azeroth as it continues his destructive mission filled with Rage, and Anger at the world.

When Anduin learns of this, he vows to release Bolvar from his fate at any cost. His research into the Lich brings him to search for the ultimate power…. The Titan’s. His search leads him eventually to the Floating Isle, the land Bolvar fled to. Unbeknownst to them, Bolvar’s mind and will is breaking rapidly, even with the presence of Ner'zhul fighting within too and soon the Lich King will have dominion over him fully. With his new strengths he will be unstoppable…

Awaiting permissions for the remaining works...


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