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Final Fantasy - Origin Series

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"The Darker Side to the games"

My Origin Series concept is for a prequel range of visually stunning games taking a player through a secondary characters story. Usually prequels show main characters histories to how the original came to show, however I believe the secondary characters are so intriguing and carefully thought out that they hold to the key in the original games success. The Origin series celebrate these great characters and after carefully picking out the characters, I believe their stories will shape up to be a fantastic game collection. All the stories have been given a slightly darker history behind them to enhance their character profiles in the original games. I believe that these stories would truly be a wonderful addition to the Final Fantasy series. Welcome to the Origin Series...

My beliefs for this and the other origin series of games I am planning, is a visually stunning and beautiful game. PS4, Xbox One and PC now have the capabilities to run outstanding graphical capabilities. I’d want these games to showcase the high-end gaming graphical capabilities of all systems. Outstanding environmental details to fully engulf the player into the game’s world. Characters with almost perfection in detail on looks and enhanced detailed clothing. I cannot emphasise the importance of the graphical expectations of gaming nowadays.

I’m a big fan of the old ATB battle styles however these stories are about a single characters story. Even though there are many characters along their journeys, it is still their stories. Due to this I have designed the games as a third person style, controlling them with camera behind them and fighting style very similar to “Kingdom Hearts” with abilities and spells learnt as character level’s progress and combo attacks. Also in the games, “Stealth” modes are used. I believe that the Origin series should all keep the same controls. To summarize the gameplay is fast paced, with skill required to manoeuvre through “Stealth” modes and combat styles.

The Stories

Origin Series – Auron

“This is My Story…”

A deep, dark story behind the “Legendary Guardian”. The Story tells us his journey through from his training as a Bevelle monk, beyond his meeting and friendship of Braska and unravelling his rise again to becoming a Legend. The story has many twists and turns and see’s Auron both celebrated and hunted as his Yevon beliefs are tested to the limits and beyond.

The Story begins in Bevelle, showing us of Aurons skills. Bevelle forces are then ordered to destroy the Al Bhed “Home”. Auron leads one battalion into battle and faces Cid’s Father, who he kills… Upon their retreat, when all seems to be complete Auron spots an Al Bhed woman who he decides to spair the life of by taking her and her sister prisoner. Back in Bevelle he begins to develop feelings for her. Soon after, the Bevelle Priest has noticed the infatuation and orders the Commander to have the Al Bhed prisoner’s executed. Shortly after giving the order, he offers his daughters hand to Auron, who refuses… That day he breaks the girl and her sister out of the Bevelle prison via the Via Purifico. He takes her as far as he can from Bevelle as he can…. To Besaid. She falls ill during a ferry crossing and dies on the Besaid beach…. Here he meets Braska, who falls for the womans Al Bhed Sister…. 8 years pass, and Yuna is born, but shortly after her 4th birthday, her mother dies. Braska has become a Summoner. Auron however is twisted by rage and the will for revenge. He waits until enough time passes that he believes that Bevelle believe him to be dead, before trying to leave to assassinate the Priest who signed Auron and his love’s death warrant. He is joined by Braska, as he learns of a man washed up at Bevelle and wishes to take him on his pilgrimage … It is Jecht... Auron agrees to help Braska, as once his revenge is complete, he will protect Braska til the end, for their fallen loves and Yuna’s future…

Origin Series – Amarant

“The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty”

The story to how exactly a Treno guard, framed by Zidane became a heavily wanted man. As a guard he was a famed guard, who did well by his beloved Treno, until a lonely thief framed him. On the run, his arrogance got him into major trouble and lead to his capture. There he was given one chance to clear his name, but the chance to reclaim his honour is thwarted by the task given to him. He is given only one choice, kill or be killed… But his own choice is either kill, or take down the organisation who captured him, and forever be alone…

Origin Series – Balthier

“It looks like I’m the Leading Man…”

The Sky Pirate… But who was he first? Actually a “Judge”. Here tells the story in a darker context of how this boy, became a man. After seeing his father loose his mind he began to hate Archadian Empire. He runs from Archades, changed his name and began fighting the Archadian’s using his knowledge of them from within. It tells the story of his meeting with Fran, and how she saves his life and forever gains his trust. Together they pillaged all Archanian treasures they could and hunted the one Balthier knew one day he would face. The man responsible for the madness within… This is the story of how Ffamran mied Bunansa soon became the Sky Pirate, Balthier…


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