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This is a Forum that will showcase my work.

I write as a hobby, nothing more. Though I do and have sent scripts and stories to games companies, I have not had a success as it is a "foggy" area as many companies do not allow third party submissions any more.

This does not stop me writing because I love to write. The games scripts and storylines here are one of the following:

* Currently being designed/researched/written by myself
* Will be or have been submitted to companies for development
* or have been rejected, but still I want .people to read them.

I have no connections with any games companies other than being a fan and a gamer myself so purchase their products.

I am also NOT endorsed by any games companies, as previously said, I simply write stories and hope they get developed. If not, I still had fun writing them and believe fans also would love to read them.

Finally please enjoy the stories and game plans.

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