Mission 30: Old Shadows Appear Anew

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Mission 30: Old Shadows Appear Anew

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Mission 30 is simply one fight against the Shadow Lord, then another cut scene. After the fight and cut scene, all players will be inside the Throne Room again. The fight is an uncapped battle with no time limit. To begin the battle, players must select “Old Shadows Appear Anew” from the battlefield list. Below is the Shadow Lords Battle information. A maximum of 18 Players will be allowed in to participate.

The Shadow Lord Battle Information (Part I)

Name: The Shadow Lord
Family: Demons
Job: Dark Knight / Black Mage
Level: 70
HP: 60000
MP: 10000
2 Hour Abilities: Blood Weapon & Manafont
Permanent active traits:
Auto-Protect VI
Auto-Shell VI
Defence Bonus V
Magic Defence Bonus V
Fast Cast
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Store TP + 35
Auto-Regen (100HP)
Double Cast (50%)

Beyond the Grave* - See notes on the next page.
Uses all of The Shadowlord’s Attacks from Rank Mission 5-2.
Physical Shield - Immune to all physical damage for 60 seconds.
Magic Shield - Immune to all magic spells for 60 seconds.
Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Arcana Shroud - Paralyze, Blind and Drains HP from all nearby members.

Additional Weapon Skills used:
Cross-Cleave II - Deals large damage to anyone in front of The Shadow Lord.

Immune to Stun, Paralyze, Gravity and Silence.
High HP and builds TP fast.

Susceptible to Stun and Elegy

When “Beyond the Grave” is used, a Dark Elemental will spawn and attack whichever party member has the most Enmity. They will initially cast “Death” on the party member who is being targeted. Below is the Dark Elemental’s battle information. They are not required to be killed to complete the mission. Only the Shadow Lord will need to be defeated to continue. Also “Beyond the Grave” is used every 10% of HP loss to the Shadow Lord.

Dark Elemental Battle Information

Name: Dark Elemental
Family: Elemental
Job: Dark Knight
Level: 50
HP: 5000
MP: 10000
2 Hour Abilities: N/A
Permanent active traits:
Physical Shield
Fast Cast
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Double Cast (50%)

Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Arcana Shroud - Paralyze, Blind and Drains HP from all nearby members.

Immune to Physical Attacks.

Weak to all Magical Damage
Extremely weak to Light magicks

Double Cast trait will not be in effect with Death spell but will be effective on “Arcana Shroud” and “Darkness”. Also all physical attacks will have the additional Dark damage. They do not need to be defeated to clear the mission. They will drop 1 Dark Cluster each also.

Cut Scene A Details

Shadow Lord: Aargh! No! This cannot be!
Harith: You are defeated Shadow Lord.
Shadow Lord: No! I cannot!
Wolfgang: Enough! Never shall you return, for we shall always be here waiting!
Shadow Lord: As long as my followers are alive, they will always bring me back!
Shadow Lord: This world will be mine, it is just a matter of time. Gwahahaha-Aargh!

Zorn and Thorn slowly get up.

Zorn: Brother!
Thorn: Brother!
Zorn: We are ourselves again!
Thorn: Ourselves again we are!
Zorn: Master! How may we serve you!?
Thorn: How may we serve you Master!?
Shadow Lord: You both have served me well.
Zorn: You are too kind Master!
Thorn: Too kind Master you are!
Shadow Lord: Now for your next mission.

A portal opens behind the Shadow Lord.

Shadow Lord: Defeat <player> and their friends! And grant my resurrection once more!
Zorn: My Lord?
Thorn: My Lord?
Shadow Lord: I will return to Arcana, do not fail me! My Army awaits resurrection!

Wolfgang steps forward.

Wolfgang: Enough of this madness!

Wolfgang throws his shield in rage at The Shadow Lord. It hits him in the head and then he disappears into a portal but you are taken into the portal as well as the Shadow Lord falls in to it!

Wolfgang: <player>!
Harith: <player>! No!

The camera shows you floating in the portal entrance and the Shadow Lord’s Head in front of you.

Shadow Lord: So <player>, it is just us.
Shadow Lord: The Portal remains open, one of us will be leaving here, the other will not.
Shadow Lord: Prepare yourself for Oblivion!

The camera fades out and you are alone in a battle. The player will be alone in this as it is simply a 1 on 1 battle against The Shadow Lord’s head and yourself.

End Of Cut Scene A

The Shadow Lord Battle Information (Part II)

Name: The Shadow Lord
Family: Demon
Job: Dark Knight / Black Mage
Level: 70
HP: 100
2 Hour Abilities: N/A
Permanent active traits:
Auto-Regen 1(HP)
Magic Shield



Weak to weapon skill damage.
Low evasion and Accuracy.


This battle is very simple and takes place fort closure in the storyline. You are fighting the Shadow Lords head and because you are on your own for this fight, I have made some exceptions for this fight so everyone can complete the storyline.

 Every attack that the player inflicts on the Shadow Lord, will do 1 point of damage, regardless of the player’s Status’, but will build the same TP as normal.
 Every attack that the Shadow Lord does to the player, he receives no TP, and will only inflict 5 points of damage to the player.
 Once the player builds 100 or more TP, a simple weapon skill will end this fight as the Shadow Lord will take full damage from al weapon skills that inflict damage.

Once the Shadow Lord is defeated a short cut scene will trigger immediately afterwards.

Cut Scene B Details

The portal begins to close before then you are thrown out of it.

Shadow Lord: AAARGH!!! Do not fail me Jesters Of The Moon! I shall return one day!

The Portal closes and the Jesters run to where it was.

Zorn: Our Master!
Thorn: Our Master!
Zorn: We will not fail him!
Thorn: Fail him we will not!
Wolfgang: Are you all right <player>?
Harith: Is it over now?

You shake your head and point at Zorn and Thorn.

Zorn: Revenge we can have! Our old Captain. Death awaits you, it does!
Thorn: Revenge on our old Captain we shall have! Death awaits all of you!
Harith: It’s over Zorn and Thorn.
Wolfgang: You are under arrest by the Royal Knights of the Dutchy of Jeuno.
Wolfgang: You are ordered to seize and surrender yourself for arrest.
Zorn : Never! Surrender we will NOT! Mage’s!!! Attack!!!!
& Thorn

The camera fades out. All players are back outside in the Throne Room area. Game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene B


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