Mission 3 - Past Pirates

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Mission 3 - Past Pirates

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:45 pm

Mission 3 takes part in Norg and again is a single cut scene, this time with Gilgamesh. The cut scene starts when the Oaken Door is selected at K-8 in Norg.

Cut Scene Details

Gilgamesh is standing at his desk working on something, and is talking to himself.

Gilgamesh: Aarrg! This cannot be! Nay! Miscalculations?

Gilgamesh: ...

Gilgamesh Looks up and see's you.

Gilgamesh: Aaarrg! Hello again <player>. You scared the hell outta me!
Gilgamesh: What can I do for ye?

Camera fades out then back in after a second.

Gilgamesh: ... Lion...
Gilgamesh: Please leave.

Camera fades and cut scene ends.

End Of Cut Scene


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