Mission 29: Gambling Lives

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Mission 29: Gambling Lives

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:43 pm

A cut scene, a battle and another cut scene completes Mission 29. The first cut scene triggers when you enter the Throne Room area. Next a battle will occur after selecting “Gambling lives” from the battlefield list. Once the battle ends, a final cut scene will trigger and then all players will leave the battlefield. After the final cut scene, all players will be outside the Throne Room again. Once back outside the mission log will change as this concludes Mission 29.

Cut Scene A Details

Kujata-Flux floating is in front of you, Harith and Wolfgang.

Kujata-Flux: We were beginning to think you were not coming Captain.
(Thinking you were not coming Captain we thought!)

You step forward.

Kujata-Flux: Ah, I see the experiment has not destroyed you yet <player>.
(Destroy <player> it has not! Learned it has! Results are in!)
Kujata-Flux: The results are in on your battle, it learned well. Ready for your next battle with it! Gwahahaha!
(Gwahahaha! Next battle indeed! But first brother…)
Kujata-Flux: Indeed brother. You know it has been a long mission…
(Long mission indeed brother! Failure almost in the beginning!)
Kujata-Flux: Indeed! We almost did fail brother. If they didn’t save Star Sibyl we would have achieved our goal much earlier!
(Star Sibyl’s saviour slowed us down too much, Gilgamesh was our only option!)
Harith: It was you who infected Star Sibyl!?
Wolfgang: Oh my, you tried to murder her!?
Kujata-Flux: Of course, the second most powerful source of Light there is… but then we found a new source!
(<player> we found, Gilgamesh we needed to trick you Gwahahaha!)
Kujata-Flux: And it now comes to this. Our goal almost complete!
(Goal almost accomplished it is! Soon we will be separated!)
Kujata-Flux: Revenge will soon be ours! You will all know what it is like to be left to die!
(left to die you will feel! Revenge is ours!)
Kujata-Flux: Now fight us! And maybe he will take pity on you for helping him return!

The camera fades out and all players are outside in the Throne Room again. Game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene A

Once players are ready to commence with the next fight, they simply select “Gambling Lives” from the battlefield list to begin. There is no cap for this battle and only a 30 minute time limit. Once the battle is over, a cut scene will trigger, before leaving all players back outside in the Throne Room area. The mission log will also change after the final cut scene, marking the end of Mission 29.

Battle Information for Kujata-Flux

Name: Kujata-Flux
Family: Avatar
Job: N/A
Level: 70
HP: 20000
MP: 10000
2 Hour Abilities: Astral flow

Permanent active traits:
Auto-Protect VI
Auto-Shell VI
Defence Bonus V
Magic Defence Bonus V
Fast Cast
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Store TP + 35

Uses all Tier IV Elemental and Ancient Magic Tier II spells.
Elemental Shift - Switches elemental power granting access to all spells of that element and absorbs all damage taken of that element, recovering HP.
Physical Shield - Immune to all physical damage for 60 seconds.
Magic Shield - Immune to all magic spells for 60 seconds.
Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Arcana Shroud - Paralyze, Blind and Drains HP from all nearby members.
Tetra Disaster - Used 3 seconds after Astral Flow. Deals 1500 damage to all within range.

Immune to Silence, Bind and Sleep magicks.
Absorbs its current Elemental power.
High HP.

Susceptible to opposing Elements
Susceptible to Stun, Slow, Threnody and Elegy

Kujata-Flux will use only the element spells that coincides with its Elemental Shift, also will use Elemental Shift to change to another element, once attacked with opposing element.

Once Elemental Shift is used, Kujata-Flux automatically will have an En- spells active to show which element Kujata-Flux is using.

Kujata-Flux will use Tetra Disaster at 5% HP.

Once the battle has ended, a short cut scene will trigger automatically.

Cut Scene B Details

The camera fades in to show Kujata-Flux knelt, before standing up and looking at the camera. His eyes close and then he begins to float in the air. A bright light surrounds him and then a scream is heard.

Kujata-Flux: AAAAAAARGHH!!
Kujata-Flux: My… Lord… Return… To… Us!
(Return …You… Must…My… Lord… Behold… Your… Doorway)
Kujata-Flux: Behold Our goal fulfilled! Your resurrection, Our Master, The Shadow Lord!

A portal begins to open and then The Shadow Lord reaches through. He steps through and then the Portal closes. As the portal closes, Kujata-Flux fades back to the Jester and then falls to the floor.

????: Master!
????: Welcome back, and gifts we have brought you!
(Brought gifts we have, look what we bring to you!)
Shadow Lord: Hmm <player>, Gwahahaha! Ah to breathe the air again, I have returned!
????: Would you grant us freedom from this singular life form, so we may deal with these infidels our Lord?
(Deal with them we shall! Release us you must as promised upon your arrival!)
Shadow Lord: Hmm? You have been useful indeed Zorn and Thorn. Very well. I grant your release!
Shadow Lord: But I shall deal with <player>, we have unfinished business.

You draw your weapon.

Wolfgang: I… am speechless…
Harith: Did we fail?

You shake your head.

Harith: Then we know what we must do!
Shadow Lord: You are no match for me fools!
Shadow Lord: You were merely lucky before <player>, I will crush you for interfering!
Shadow Lord: But first…

The Shadow Lord raises the Jester into the air and then slices them with his sword. As they are hit, they split into two and come crashing to the ground. They are unconscious. Then The Shadow Lord casts Beyond The Grave and the six Black Waltz’s return in a cloud of dark smoke. but are weakened.

Harith: Zorn! Thorn!

Shadow Lord: Now, where were we <player>.

The Shadow Lord points his sword at you and the camera fades out. All players are back outside in the Throne Room again. The mission log will change as this concludes Mission 29.

End Of Cut Scene B


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