Mission 28: The Shadow Returns

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Mission 28: The Shadow Returns

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:12 pm

Mission 28 is a simple cut scene as you enter Castle Zvahl Keep. Once the cut scene is over the mission log will change.

Cut Scene Details

Wolfgang: Ah, <player>. What did you find in Apollyon?

The camera fades to give the impression that you explain what has happened.

Harith: Thank heaven’s you are all right <player>. Very good work!
Wolfgang: Indeed, it is a relief that the Machine is disabled for now.
Wolfgang: We have more urgent news however <player>.
Harith: It seems that Kujata-Flux is in complete control of his summoner.
Wolfgang: That is not the urgent news however.
Wolfgang: It seems that we have a predicament that we do not know how to solve.
Harith: You see <player>, Kujata-Flux is highly dangerous as it is! We have to stop them!
Wolfgang: However, if we destroy Kujata-Flux, then the Star Sibyl believes that it will in fact be strong enough to open a portal for the Shadow Lord to return!
Wolfgang: So, we need to think how to go about this.
Harith: There are only two ways to do this that we can see, both difficult.
Wolfgang: It seems they are waiting for us to defeat them here, as they have not left the area.
Wolfgang: They await our arrival in the Throne Room.
Harith: One way to complete our goal is somehow defeat them away from here, in a different area of the world, where the connection to the Shadow Lord cannot be made.
Wolfgang: Though I doubt we can accomplish this. They obviously know that we will plan that, and since they have no reward for defeating us elsewhere, why would they follow us out?
Harith: So then we have only one more way to end this..
Wolfgang: We go in, defeat Kujata-Flux and hope the connection cannot be made. If it is, we will have to destroy The Shadow Lord once more.
Harith: Both methods are risky, but I cannot see any other way to do this. If we do not fight them, they will launch that machine on every city, until we take them down.
Wolfgang: It seems we have no choice. For Vana’diel, we will stop this evil from returning.
Harith: And destroy it if it indeed returns…

The camera fades and game play is resumed. The mission log will also update after this cut scene.

End Of Cut Scene


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