Mission 27: Spanner in the Works

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Mission 27: Spanner in the Works

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:05 pm

After the two battles in the previous mission, the player must travel to Apollyon. Unlike other Limbus style areas, to complete the mission you do not need a Cosmo-Cleanse Key Item and a coloured card. The Apollyon area that is for the fight can be reached by either the Teleport-Mea or the Teleport-Dem points, similar to the Central Apollyon fight for Proto-Omega fight in Limbus. Once inside, the players simply select the “Swirling Vortex” This will trigger a cut scene. After the cut scene, all party members again will be back inside the Apollyon area. After the cut scene, players must select the Swirling Vortex again and choose “Spanner In The Works” from the battlefield list to enter. This will start the battle. Once the battle is over, players will be back outside in Apollyon and can continue on to the next mission.

Cut Scene A Details

Kujata-Flux: Did you succeed Black Waltz’?

Kujata turns around and see’s you.

Kujata-Flux: Hmph.. Annoying you are <player>… It seems your fate and ours are linked.
(Linked we are, but perhaps we can use his persistence to our advantage brother?)
Kujata-Flux: Perhaps you are right, our machine is a learning computer after all…
(Indeed! Let us see how well he learns!)
Kujata-Flux: Hmm? But first… do you not see what we are doing <player>?
(Revenge is rightfully ours on those who left us to die!)
Kujata-Flux: Revenge we shall have with our machine!
(Learn it shall our machine, before we unleash it to the world!)
Kujata-Flux: When we release it to the world, nothing will stop it!
(Again, you will help us succeed <player>! Whether you like it or not!)
Kujata-Flux: You have no choice. Fight it, if you succeed in destroying it, we have no machine…
(Though in fighting it, you will assist us in it’s wonderful battle lessons!)
Kujata-Flux: What will you do <player>?
(What will you do <player>?)
Kujata-Flux: Behold.. Our learning enhancements to your old foes!
(behold! Proto-Ultimega!)

Proto-Ultimega comes crashing in and stands in front of Kujata-Flux.

Kujata-Flux: Have fun Gwahahaha!
(Gwahahaha! Fun you shall have!)

Kujata-Flux flies away again. The camera fades away from Proto-Ultimega and game play is resumed. All players are placed back outside in Apollyon

End Of Cut Scene A

All players must select the “Swirling Vortex” and choose “Spanner In The Works” from the battlefield list. This is an uncapped 30 minute battle for six party members. After the battle, all players will be outside in Apollyon again and the Mission log will update.

Battle Information for Proto-Ultimega

Name: Proto-Ultimega
Family: Biotechnological Weapons
Job: N/A
Level: 65
HP: 35000
2 Hour Abilities: N/A

Permanent active traits:
Auto-Protect VI
Auto-Shell VI
Defence Bonus V
Magic Defence Bonus V
Fast Cast
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Store TP + 35

Uses all of Ultima’s Abilities from the Chain’s Of Promathia Mission 6-4
Uses all of Omega’s Abilities from the Chains of Promathia Mission 6-4
Will use all current party members 2-Hour abilities at every 20% of HP loss.

Immune to Silence, Bind and Sleep magicks.
High defence and a lot of HP.

Susceptible to a CCB Polymer Pump similar to Chains of Promathia Mission 6-4.
Susceptible to Stun, Slow, Threnody and Elegy

After the battle, all players will be outside in the Apollyon area and can continue to the next mission. The mission log will now update.


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