Mission 26: The Ancient’s Awakening

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Mission 26: The Ancient’s Awakening

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This mission forms as four cut scenes and a two battles. The first cut scene is as you enter the Celestial Nexus area. This is followed by a battle against the Jester. After the battle, a cut scene will occur, leaving all players back in the Celestial Nexus Area. Once the next battle is triggered, a short cut scene occurs. After those two cut scenes, another battle will be fought inside the Celestial Nexus battlefield. After this battle, a cut scene occurs and thus ends Mission 26.

Cut Scene A Details

????: They are here brother…
(Ah! The Murderer is here brother!)
????: We’ve been expecting you. Ah <player>, our accomplice has arrived!
(Accomplice <player>! Expected you were!)
Wolfgang: Accomplice?
Harith: !?

You shake your head.

????: Oh you still don’t understand…
(They understand not dear brother, perhaps tell them. Understand then they will!)
????: Indeed brother… You see, everything you have done so far has been a test!
(Tested <player> it has!)
????: The Ancient Avatar Kujata needs true light energy to bring him to us…
(Light energy we do not have, yet we need!)
????: Ever since YOU <player>, defeated our master, we have watched you closely indeed!
(Watched intently we have!)
????: We need your help to bring Kujata here, and then perhaps we can bring back our Lord! The Shadow Lord!
(The Shadow Lord!)
????: Only he has the power to free us and since YOU Harith, left us to die, we tend to put things right in this world, with our masters help!
(Put things right we will, put you in your places!)
Harith: You both sided with The Shadow Lord!?
????: Yes, because in trade for information on Jeuno’s defences and information I knew on it’s layout, He spared our lives.
(unlike YOU Harith…)
Harith: You… Traitors!
Wolfgang: Enough of this nonsense! You are hereby under arrest by the Knights of The Dutchy Of Jeuno.
Wolfgang: You will seize these foolish antics at once or be liable for the full punishment of death!
????: Ah, the Knight speaks… Tell me soldier, would you leave your own men to the fate worse than that of death?
(Death a fate most worthy in comparison to our actions!)
Wolfgang: …. Orders are orders. You have to follow them on the field no matter what.
Wolfgang: I would have done the same as Harith, for the good of Vana’diel.
Wolfgang: You would too if you were truly there for the best interests of Vana’diel!
????: Hmph, then we’ve no use for you and you shall leave here alive, for now Wolfgang…
(Alive he shall leave, later our unfinished business will be completed with Jeuno)
????: Harith, our old Captain… we will deal with you soon too, but not now.
(Not now Captain, hehe! But very soon…)
????: <player>, this is your destiny. In helping us achieve our goal, you will see a change to how this world is, for the better!
(<player> you must help us! Destiny it is. For you new visions await!)

You shake your head.

????: Hmm? So, you choose death… You will be helping us whether you want to or not. You have already weakened six elements and they have injured you, though barely!
(Injured you have, our plan is almost complete! Injure one final element once more you must!)
Wolfgang: What do you mean?
Harith: … Those Mages?
????: Yes, our Black Mage Army. Impressive aren’t they!
(Impressive Army of Black Mages we have created!)
????: We made them ourselves using the purest energy crystals and our own Dark Arts.
(Some rare crystals, some magic and alchemy and they you have it!)
????: Our own Army, of controlled Black Mages, each with their own gifts…
(Gifts they have as you have seen when you fought them <player>)
????: For Kujata to be summoned they needed to be weakened!
(Kujata needs weak elements to come to us to repair the balance using one, stronger element!
Wolfgang: What do you mean?
Harith: There are eight elements, not six. Your plan is useless!
????: We know there are eight elements!
(You see six weakened elements and two strong elements…)
????: There are two elements right here, in front of you now…
(Us, and <player> are opposites…)
Harith: What!? How can this be!
Wolfgang: I don’t understand this…
????: Hmph, you have but simple minds. <player> has shown nothing but Light… <player>‘s light radiates in all their victories in the past…
(It was that light that vanquished our Lord!)
Harith: So you’re saying that <player> is the Light element, and that means you are the Darkness…?
????: Correct… So you see, this is ours and <player>’s dance, not yours!
(Dance we shall!. Whether you fight us or not know this…)
????: If you do not fight us, we will bring terror to this world, we will kill everything we see, for our new Master!
(And when you finally come to kill us, we will have an Army more powerful than anything you have seen, from Arcana!)
????: Though if you fight us, you could stop us… but you will also summon Kujata…
(What will you do <player>)
Wolfgang: Don’t fall for it <player>!

The Jester quickly casts Escape on Harith and Wolfgang.

Wolfgang & Aaaaarrrgh!!!
????: Enough of those two… Now, fight us!
(Oblivion awaits this world!)

End Of Cut Scene A

This will end the cut scene, and the player will be placed back in the Celestial Nexus area again. They may continue to the fight for the next part of the mission and selecting “The Ancient Awakening I” from the battlefield list. Once selected, the battle will allow one party of six into the arena for the fight. There is a thirty minute time limit for the fight and no level cap. There is no cut scene on entry, thought a cut scene will automatically trigger once the battle is over.

The Jester (Zorn and Thorn) Battle Information

Name: Jester
Family: Hume
Job: Dancer / Black Mage
Level: 68
HP: 30000
MP: 9000
Permanent active traits:
Double Cast +25
Arcana Defence Boost
Auto-Shell V
Auto-Protect V
Accuracy Bonus IV
Magic Accuracy +10

Weapon Skills used:

Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Arcana Shroud - Paralyze, Blind and Drains HP from all nearby members.
Sleepga III - Sleeps party members within selected range and lowers all attributes.
Arcana Fury - Attack speed increases for 30 seconds, similar to Hundred Fists. Also, additional damage of darkness
Final Attack “Body Switch” - Switches the Jester’s HP value to your own.

Immune to Silence, Sleep and Stun magicks.

Weak to Repose, Gravity and Bind.
Weak to “Slashing” Damage
Susceptible to Lullaby

Notes: Once the Jester’s HP reaches 5%, he will jump into the air. Whilst in the air he cannot be damaged at all by anything and use his Final Attack “Body Switch” on the party member with currently the most HP. This will convert the selected player to 5% of their max HP, and refill the Jester’s HP bar half-full. Once this attack has completed, the battle is over and a cut scene will occur immediately afterwards.

Cut Scene B Details

????: Yes! You fell for it!
(Fell for it he did brother!)

You kneel, as if you are weakened.

????: At last, our goal can be completed! We thank you <player>!
(but now, we need your help still, as we require your power!)
????: But fear not, we will show you the Grand Summoning of Kujata!
(Grand Summoning shall now begin! Kujata awaits!)

A symbol appears on the floor beneath you and you are lifted into the air where the other six Black Waltz’s are, each with their own symbols below them. The Jester then begins to float upwards on his own symbol too. Harith and Wolfgang run in to the scene.

Wolfgang: <player>!
Harith: No! You cannot do this!
????: Hmph, they are back again brother.
(Let them witness power we will)
????: Deal with you later we shall! Watch now you will!
(Witness true power Captains!)
????: Kujata, Ancient Avatar! We summon thee, to balance the elements once more!
(With our control! We summon your strength, to fuse with ours!)
????: See before thee, thy weakened elements, and forge to us!
(Ancient Avatar Kujata! Show yourself!)

The animations of Flood II, Burst II, Flare II, Quake II, Tornado II, Freeze II and Holy II attack each of Black Waltz’ and the player in the air and send a spark above the Jester floating, before finally creating a Darkness animation on the Jester and then all Tier II Ancient Magicks as well. The camera then shows the new enemy. Kujata-Flux.

Kujata-Flux: At last…
(Power… Ultimate Power!)
Kujata-Flux: We must prepare for the summoning at Castle Zvahl!
(Indeed we must brother, but first… Shall we?)
Kujata-Flux: Unleash our latest creation? I believe it is time brother…
(but where to unleash him…)
Kujata-Flux: The machine must be released somewhere that it can roam to learn new abilities…
(It is a learning machine after all! Thought it must be kept secret before its attack on Jeuno!)
Harith: What machine! And what is this magic?
Wolfgang: Kujata! Hear us children of Vana’diel!
Wolfgang: They will use your power to do evil things!
Kujata-Flux: Silence Wolfgang!

Kujata-Flux lifts Wolfgang into the air and then into the centre of the arena. The Black Waltz’s come down to the ground and surround him. The player then floats to the ground. You stagger and kneel because of being weakened.

Harith: <player>!
Kujata-Flux: Black Waltz’s goal accomplished. Well done!
(We have just one more goal for you Black Waltz’s)
Kujata-Flux: Finish him! We will expect success this time!
(Success yes! Now brother onward to Apollyon!)

Kujata-Flux points at Wolfgang and all Black Waltz’s draw their staves. Then Kujata Flux flies away, leaving the area.

Wolfgang: You must go! For Vana’diel! Protect the people!
Harith: I… I cannot!
Wolfgang: <player> Save the people! Go! Now! I’ll be fine!

Piano music is played as Wolfgang fights the mages with his sword and shield. You and Harith flee the area. The Camera stays on Wolfgang for a few seconds in slow motion as he fights, before fading out.

End Of Cut Scene B

All players are left in Celestial Nexus area. The next battle is opened by selecting “The Ancient Awakening II” from the battlefield list. A short cut scene will occur on entry. Once the fight is over, another cut scene will trigger also.

Cut Scene C Details

Camera fades in to show Wolfgang and the Black Waltz’s fighting, before Wolfgang is knocked back on the floor. His sword is shown sliding across the floor away from him. Then you and Harith run in, over it.

Harith: Wolfgang! We’re not going to abandon you!
Wolfgang: Why!? You have your orders! Leave now, and stop Kujata-Flux from bringing back the Shadow Lord!
Harith: … We need you, we cannot allow you to die here like this.

You nod and the camera fades as you draw your weapon. The battle then begins.

End Of Cut Scene C

Black Waltz (weakened) Battle Information

Name: Black Waltz (Various)
Family: Formor
Job: Black Mage
Level: 65
HP: 5000
MP: 3000
2 Hour Abilities: none
Permanent active traits:
Double Cast +25
Arcana Defence Boost
Fast Cast
Conserve MP +10
Refresh (15MP per second)
Elemental Shift - Will absorb spells and weapon skills that are of their own element. See notes
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Magic Accuracy +10

Weapon Skills used:

All their own Elemental spells (including ninjitsu elemental spells and elemental weapons skills)
Death - Chance of killing target is 50%, takes 10 seconds to cast.
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Poisonga II - Poisons party members within selected range
Sleepga III - Sleeps party members within selected range and lowers all attributes.

Immune to Silence, Bind and Sleep magicks.

Susceptible to Stun
Weak to Lullaby and Repose.
Weak to their opposing element
Weak to “Slashing” Damage
Low HP and Defence

Note: Unlike previous battles and because of the story making them weakened, each Black Waltz will not cast their new spells.

Elemental Shift is still active on all the Black Mages.

Eg. Black Waltz-F will note cast Flaraga, Black Waltz-W will not cast Tidal Flow etc.

Also, all players in this battle will be under the “weakened” status for one minute, before being no longer weakened. This is also due to the storyline making it seem that you are weakened from the summoning

Cut Scene D Details

The camera fades in and shows all six Black Waltz’s knelt with black smoke around them. Each of them make a comment before dissolving into the smoke.

Black Waltz-E: You will never stop his return. Aargh!

Black Waltz-E disappears.

Black Waltz-F: You will fail, The Shadow Lord is inevitably returning… Urgh!

Black Waltz-F disappears.

Black Waltz-A: Kujata is too strong for you, He will open the door…Urgh!

Black Waltz-A disappears.

Black Waltz-W: Death awaits Vana’diel. Darkness will rule this world…Urgh!

Black Waltz-W disappears.

Black Waltz-I: The cold, dark depths of eternal darkness is coming… Aargh!

Black Waltz-I disappears.

Black Waltz-T: Until our resurrection <player>, we will meet again…

Black Waltz-T disappears.

Harith: Wolfgang, are you all right?
Wolfgang: Yes, I thank you. Both of you.
Harith: There is no time to waste. Kujata-Flux will be heading for Castle Zvahl no doubt.
Wolfgang: You are right Harith, but I am concerned about another matter.
Harith: What matter Wolfgang? Is it the machine he Kujata-Flux mentioned?
Wolfgang: Yes, but I have no ideas.
Wolfgang: I wonder where this machine could be? I do not know this “Apollyon”…

You nod.

Harith: You know of this place <player>?
Wolfgang: Then we have a plan of action.
Wolfgang: <player>, go to this “Apollyon”, and seek out information on their machine, then meet myself and Harith at Castle Zvahl.
Harith: Tread carefully <player>, he may be expecting you.
Wolfgang: Harith, proceed to Castle Zvahl immediately, I will inform the nations on the recent events of late.
Wolfgang: I will meet you at Castle Zvahl, and together we will await <player>.
Harith: And if <player> does not succeed?
Wolfgang: Impossible! I have faith in <player>, as do the people of Vana’diel.
Harith: Then may the Gods favour you <player>, until we next meet.

The camera fades out and game play is resumed. Players are placed in the Celestial Nexus area once more.

End Of Cut Scene D


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