Mission 24: Past Ghosts and Future Threats

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Mission 24: Past Ghosts and Future Threats

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Mission 24 takes part as three cut scenes. The first as you open Yoran-Oran’s door to his house in Windurst Walls. The next cut scene takes place as you talk to enter Heaven’s Tower. The third is as you enter the Infirmary in Upper Jeuno. After all three cut scenes are complete, the mission log will change and the players may continue onto the next mission.

Cut Scene A Details

Yoran-Oran: <player>, I’m glad you have returned. What is the situation?

The camera fades out and then back in giving the impression of you explaining what has happened.

Yoran-Oran: I see, poor Gilgamesh…
Yoran-Oran: I am sure that no one will have changed opinions of him, he did it under duress after-aru all.
Yoran-Oran: But this “Kujata” you speak of, I cannot say I know.
Yoran-Oran: Our Lady Star Sibyl will know I’m sure.
Yoran-Oran: That is if this “Kujata” exists.

End Of Cut Scene A

The second cut scene will trigger as you enter the Heaven’s Tower area. Once the cut scene end, the player will be back at the entrance where they have entered the area.

Cut Scene B Details

The camera fades in to show Kupipi in front of you.

Kupipi: <player>! Welcome back-aru!
Kupipi: You have come to see our Lady Star Sibyl?
Kupipi: I shall prepare a meeting now, follow me-aru!

The camera fades out as you follow Kupipi up the stairway. The camera fades back in again inside the Star Sibyl’s Chamber. Kupipi walks in, bows and walks back out.

Star Sibyl: <player>, I thank you for returning.
Star Sibyl: Yoran-Oran informs me you wish to know of Kujata.

You nod.

Star Sibyl: This is an ancient Avatar, older than all others. Not many know of him.
Star Sibyl: Due to his title of Ancient, he has no physical form.
Star Sibyl: Where as a fire Avatar such as Ifrit takes the form of a demon, and water Avatars as the mighty sea serpent Leviathan, Kujata has no form to take
Star Sibyl: For the simple reason, that he is all forms.
Star Sibyl: That does not mean he cannot be summoned, however.
Star Sibyl: For an Ancient to be summoned a great connection to him must be made.
Star Sibyl: All eight elements must be tamed to summon a great power such as Kujata.
Star Sibyl: When all eight elements are weak, Kujata will merge with the weakest, to keep the elemental balance.
Star Sibyl: This means that only a willing sacrifice can hope to fuse with Kujata to bring him to this world.
Star Sibyl: If successful, Kujata will be right here, in a physical form which he has merged with, to become real.
Star Sibyl: Although it is worth remembering that Kujata is still an Avatar, and will do as his summoner grants without reason.
Star Sibyl: This is all the information I can give, as not much more is known about how to summon Kujata.
Star Sibyl: Defeating this foe will be hard, and dangerous. He has no weaknesses. Elemental skills will be no use.
Star Sibyl: But it is true that there is no other power like his and his defeat could open the gateway to the Shadow Lord, if the summoner is strongly connected with him upon defeat.
Star Sibyl: Finally the only place you can summon an Avatar as powerful as that, is the place Kujata last died. Records show his last defeat was in the Celestial Nexus.
Star Sibyl: This “Jester” will have to summon him from that area, in order to obtain him.
Star Sibyl: You must stop him <player> at all costs.
Star Sibyl: With power like Kujata’s and the Shadow Lord side by side, the world will be indeed in peril.
Star Sibyl: … That is all I know <player>. I wish I knew more, but there has never been much information on the Ancients.
Star Sibyl: Oh, please give this to Gilgamesh…

You receive Key Item: Star Sibyl’s note

Star Sibyl: I have been informed of Gilgamesh, and what has happened.
Star Sibyl: I will pray for his safe return to Norg when he is well.
Star Sibyl: From the Windurstian people, I bid you good luck, and Gilgamesh well.

The camera fades out and you are back downstairs at the entrance to Heaven’s Tower. Game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene B

The final cut scene is triggered as you open the door to the Infirmary in Upper Jeuno. Once this cut scene has ended, the mission log will update and players can proceed to the next mission.

Cut Scene C Details

You walk in to the Infirmary.

Wolfgang: Ah <player>. You have news?

The camera fades out and then back in as you explain what you have been told.

Gilgamesh: So it is true…
Wolfgang: It seems so. They plan to summon Kujata and bring back the Shadow Lord.

You hold out your hand to Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh: From the Star Sibyl!?

You nod.

Gilgamesh: Interesting… she informs me she will keep Norg under the awareness that I am ill.
Gilgamesh: It says she will ensure what has happened is kept secret form the world.
Wolfgang: Even Windurst is helping you Gilgamesh. It is for the greater good.
Gilgamesh: I see… Then we cannot fail them.
Wolfgang: We cannot indeed, but you must rest. <player> and I will head for Ru’Aun Gardens at once.

Harith walks in.

Harith: Not without me I hope.
Wolfgang: Of course not Harith. Gilgamesh wait here and rest.
Gilgamesh: But… I cannot… I must…
Wolfgang: No discussion, you must rest. I am sorry. I know how you must feel. Let us handle this.
Gilgamesh: …
Wolfgang: I am not leaving without your word
Gilgamesh: …You have it.
Wolfgang: Then we depart for Ru’Aun Gardens at once…

You walk away from Gilgamesh in the Infirmary.

Gilgamesh: Good luck…

End Of Cut Scene C


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