Mission 23: Dangerous Trickster

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Mission 23: Dangerous Trickster

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Mission 23 takes place as two cut scenes. The first is as you speak with Monberaux in the Upper Jeuno Infirmary. After the first cut scene, the players must wait one “game day” before they can trigger the second cut scene. The second cut scene will trigger as you enter the Infirmary for the second time. After the lengthy cut scene, the mission log will update and players can proceed to the next mission.

Cut Scene A Details

Monberaux: <player>, it’s been some time.
Monberaux: How are you feeling?
Monberaux: Wolfgang brought Gilgamesh here to undergo my medical aid.
Monberaux: He has told me somewhat of the situation, also that you would be here.
Monberaux: I would like to inform you of Gilgamesh’s current status, however as you can see…

The camera shows Gilgamesh on a bed asleep.

Monberaux: He is still unconscious.
Monberaux: I can tell you that he will soon be out of this state.
Monberaux: His blood pressure and vital signs are returning to normal.
Monberaux: When he came in, he was very stressed and angry.
Monberaux: Luckily it seems he is returning to his former self.
Monberaux: Perhaps you could come back in the morning?
Monberaux: I have faith he will be awake by then, perhaps even able to talk to you about what has happened.

The camera fades and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene A

Player’s must wait for one “game day” before they can trigger the next cut scene. After one “game day”, the cut scene will trigger when they enter the Infirmary, not when speaking with Monberaux.

Cut Scene B Details

The camera fades in to show Harith, Wolfgang and Monberaux standing around Gilgamesh, who is sat on the bed.

Monberaux: All vital signs are normal, just a few cuts and bruises.
Monberaux: I suggest you rest up Gilgamesh. Next time <player> might not be so lenient.
Gilgamesh: …
Monberaux: Most of the damage is psychological. Gilgamesh, perhaps Wolfgang and Harith can help?
Harith: Gilgamesh, how are you feeling?
Gilgamesh: Who… are you?
Harith: Hmm, I’d say Gilgamesh has returned to his former self all right, we have never met.
Wolfgang: Harith has been an invaluable asset Gilgamesh, to ensure your well being.
Gilgamesh: Then I thank ye…
Wolfgang: As has <player>…

You walk in.

Wolfgang: Ah, perfect timing.

You nod to Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh: I fear I may have done terrible things, if you hadn’t stopped me <player>.
Harith: Pardon me, but could you leave us Monberaux, the less you know of this matter, the better I fear.
Monberaux: Not a problem. I understand. Gilgamesh, please take it easy. Rest here as long as you wish.

Monberaux walks away.

Gilgamesh: I… am sorry, old friend. Can you forgive an old fool Wolfgang?
Wolfgang: You are no fool Gilgamesh, and you have nothing to ask of forgiveness.
Harith: Perhaps you can tell us what happened? From the beginning?
Wolfgang: We may find some answers for you if we work together with the facts old friend.
Gilgamesh: Very well… though I do not know you Harith, I know of you.
Gilgamesh: Ye see, that Jester character ye see all the time, they know you.
Harith: Yes, but, there’s just one of them. Why do you say “they”?
Gilgamesh: As far as I know, Whatever happened to “them”, happened because of you and the Shadow Lord before <player> defeated him.
Harith: I… I do not understand…
Harith: How can “they” be as one?
Wolfgang: Perhaps you can tell us who “they” are Harith? What happened? And why do they call you murderer?
Harith: …

Harith walks to the end of the room.

Harith: Very well… I’ve hidden from my past for too long…
Harith: Though it seems inevitable that it would have caught up with me…
Harith: During the Crystal War when all men were enrolled to fight for their nation, I was too.
Harith: Our unit was to infiltrate Castle Zvahl and gather information on the Shadow forces from within.
Harith: Zorn and Thorn, though who were just entertainers, rose to the task too and enrolled themselves to aid their nation in the fight against the beast men.
Harith: However, due to low numbers at that point, they elected me as the Unit Captain, and told me to lead the infiltration.
Harith: I was young and scared, but Zorn and Thorn kept the unit in high spirits with their antics.
Harith: Then when we infiltrated Castle Zvahl, we were given new orders, to destroy part of the inner structure.
Harith: Not a difficult job really. Not at the time, since we were already inside. Though we had one problem.
Harith: You can only detonate a bomb of that size by timer and soon there was an immediate danger.
Harith: Getting in the Castle was difficult without being seen or heard, but getting out when you only have a minute to live…
Harith: So we decided for the greater good, we would just have to go for it.
Harith: If we died, we died knowing our mission was a success. If we lived, we would be heroes.
Harith: So the stage was set, and the bomb planted and timer set.
Harith: However we hit an issue. We all escaped after the bomb had detonated, our mission a success, however Zorn and Thorn were trapped inside.
Harith: Some of the unit tried to free them from the rubble, but we couldn’t. We had to evacuate back to the outpost.
Wolfgang: You… left them to die?
Harith: We had to! You are a soldier, you know of the punishments given if you disobey orders!
Harith: We tried to free them, but there was nothing we could do, truly.
Harith: We were all saddened. It was their antics and attitude that gave the unit their strength, and kept them in high spirit…
Wolfgang: I understand Harith,
Harith: Do you? Have you ever had to do that?
Wolfgang: Regrettably yes… It happens in the field. I did not know about your military past Harith.
Harith: Well, it is a past I’d rather forget…
Harith: However, we now know who “they” are, but why is there just one?
Gilgamesh: Hmm? I have to say, that they never mentioned anything about that, just that they were somewhat thankful for the chance of having their revenge on you Harith.
Gilgamesh: They said the Shadow Lord had made them into one, after they almost died in a battle in Xarcabard, after a relentless attack on the Castle by San d’Orian forces.
Gilgamesh: They said that the Shadow Lord is the only one who can free them into their separate forms, and that is their reward for bringing him back.
Wolfgang: But how will they do that? They can’t possibly make that strong of a connection surely?
Harith: Perhaps there is something we are overlooking?
Gilgamesh: Well, they are no magic Artisan‘s, but they are very good at mechanics.
Harith: They are making a machine?
Gilgamesh: Yes, every time they have tried to use other ones that have already been made, they fail. So they are planning on using a different power source.
Wolfgang: What do you mean? Power source?
Harith: Of course… the bigger the power, the greater chance of a bigger doorway to be opened!
Gilgamesh: Aye, that be true! They spoke about a “Kujata“ or something like that.
Gilgamesh: Something about the Ultimate Avatar’s defeat will open the most powerful doorway.
Harith: Oh my… <player> you must get to Yoran-Oran immediately! Find out about this “Kujata”.
Wolfgang: Harith? Do you know of this?
Harith: Yes, and no really. I know when researching the Dark arts there was an Avatar that is of all elements, but I cannot remember it’s name.
Wolfgang: I see. Gilgamesh? How did you get involved in all of this?

Gilgamesh stands up.

Gilgamesh: They came to me with a book…
Gilgamesh: The book was from the Sacrarium in Tavnazia. It contained information on Arcana…
Gilgamesh: They said that they were looking for someone they had lost.
Gilgamesh: When I said leave, they left me this…

Gilgamesh takes a pendant out of his pocket

Gilgamesh: This pendant was from Lion… I gave it to her when she was a child.
Gilgamesh: It was her mothers…
Gilgamesh: When I told them to leave at once, they said that they can help me to get her back.
Gilgamesh: Intrigued, I said I would help them…
Gilgamesh: They used me, fed on my need for Lion.
Gilgamesh: how could they do that to me… And I let them hurt me.
Gilgamesh: …and all of you too. I put the world at risk…
Gilgamesh: I could see and hear everything that I did… but I couldn’t control it.
Gilgamesh: It was like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from…
Gilgamesh: Then I woke up here…
Gilgamesh: I feel so ashamed…
Wolfgang: Gilgamesh, do not feel bad, they controlled you through your anger.
Harith: <player>, depart for Windurst immediately. Find out what you can about this new Avatar.
Gilgamesh: … I am sorry.
Wolfgang: Everything will be fine Gilgamesh, just rest. <player>, find out what you can and report back to me here.
Gilgamesh: You’re not going with him?
Wolfgang: I will stay with you old friend.
Harith: I shall research into this Avatar also.

The camera fades out and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene B


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