Mission 18 - Troubled Pirates

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Mission 18 - Troubled Pirates

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Mission 18 consists of two cut scenes. The first is triggered as you enter Norg. The second is triggered as you select the door to the Captain’s Chamber at K-8 in Norg. Once both cut scenes are complete, the mission log will change as these scenes conclude this mission.

Cut Scene A Details

Ryoma: <player>! I'm so glad you are here!
Ryoma: Our Lord Gilgamesh has been acting very strangely since he returned on his vessel.
Ryoma: He just walked straight to his quarters without looking or speaking to anyone!
Ryoma: He be there now. Maybe you could find out what is wrong?

You are lost in thought.

Ryoma: Why you? Well something tells me you have something to do with it...
Ryoma: Am I wrong?

You sigh.

Ryoma: I thought not...

The camera fades out and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene A

The next cut scene is triggered as you select the door to the Captains Chamber at K-8 in Norg.

Cut Scene B Details

Gilgamesh: <player>, I've been expecting you, old friend.
Gilgamesh: I... feel I must apologise to you.
Gilgamesh: I... I do not know what has been in my mind as of late.
Gilgamesh: Such Dark feelings.
Gilgamesh: Such power. My heart ye'see. I...I cannot control it…
????: We all ache in our hearts at Lion's sacrifice, old friend.

Wolfgang walks in.

Wolfgang: But what are you trying to do here?
Wolfgang: None of this will bring her back.
Wolfgang: You saw the creature that appeared from that portal.
Gilgamesh: I did...
Gilgamesh: They lied to me... They used me…
Wolfgang: They...? Of whom do you speak?
????: We did not lie to you Gilgamesh, Leader of Norg and Father of Lion.
Gilgamesh: Who goes there..?!
Black Waltz: Show yourself!
????: We merely miscalculated her existence in Arcana.
Gilgamesh: What...!? How can that be? I did everything you asked! …Everything.
????: Calm yourself Gilgamesh.
????: Your efforts have not gone without sight.
????: We can take you to her. We have new findings.
Wolfgang: Show yourself this instance!
Gilgamesh: It's one of "them"...
Wolfgang: "Them"? You mean you know of whom is talking now?
Gilgamesh: ...
Gilgamesh: ...yes.

A Black Waltz appears.

Black Waltz: Do not blame him for his actions.
Black Waltz: He is merely trying to heal his heartache, and we can offer him that.
Black Waltz: Isn't there someone you would like to see again, Wolfgang?
Black Waltz: How about you <player>?
Black Waltz: Your reputation amongst your friends as well as your foe's new and old, continues on from this world <player>.
Black Waltz: Is there someone you long to see?

You shake your head.

Black Waltz: I see... it seems you all choose to be alone.
Black Waltz: To you Gilgamesh, I leave you with this information.
Black Waltz: There is a large energy flux in Pso’Xja.
Black Waltz: We believe that she is sending you a message but we don't know what that message is.
Black Waltz: Perhaps she is even trying to make contact herself.
Black Waltz: We do not know. But we do know it is not for us. It has the wrong energy signatures to be ours.
Wolfgang: Wait! Of whom do you speak?
Black Waltz: Hmm?
Wolfgang: You keep saying "we".
Black Waltz: You will know soon enough, I’m sure. Our paths keep crossing, so it seems.
Black Waltz: We are searching for something too, like Gilgamesh.
Black Waltz: So we joined forces to complete our search.
Wolfgang: I don't believe you! Gilgamesh step back!

Wolfgang draws sword.

Wolfgang: You are trying to free the Shadow Lord from Arcana aren't you!
Wolfgang: Admit it!
Black Waltz: "The Shadow Lord"!? That's absurd!
Black Waltz: We are looking for our Master.
Gilgamesh: ...Pso’Xja?
Wolfgang: !?
Black Waltz: ...yes.
Wolfgang: You cannot be seriously thinking about visiting that place Gilgamesh?!
Black Waltz: It is his choice.
Black Waltz: He did his part for us, though it was a failure, he still did what we asked.
Black Waltz: His reward for that, is this morsel of information, its all we have I’m afraid.
Black Waltz: Do what you will with the information, though I can assure you that this is highly accurate. Lion has a high possibility of being there, since it is hume presence that we were able to sense.
Black Waltz: We thank you for your help Gilgamesh, however we must depart as there was another energy signal in Al'Taieu not long ago we must investigate.
Black Waltz: Until we meet again.

Black Waltz teleports out.

Gilgamesh: I... I must go.
Gilgamesh: I have to see this through, ‘til the end.
Gilgamesh: Please, forgive me...
Wolfgang: Gilgamesh, No!

Gilgamesh flees the room.

Wolfgang: <player>! We must go to Pso’Xja at once. You proceed immediately!
Wolfgang: I will ask Harith what he knows about the Black Waltz.
Wolfgang: I fear this may have consumed our friend Gilgamesh.
Wolfgang: I have never seen him like this... Never!
Wolfgang: I will not report our findings yet to anyone other than you and Harith, to protect Gilgamesh.
Wolfgang: Now get to Pso’Xja, with Haste!

The camera zooms out and shows the Black Waltz in the corridor with hand to his ear, speaking to a linkshell.

Black Waltz: My Lord, Gilgamesh is en route to Pso’Xja, as planned.
????: Excellent, and <player>?
Black Waltz: Regrettably, en route also.
????: The time has come, you know what to do. Do not fail us.

The camera fades out and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene B


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