Mission 17 - Unwelcome Guests

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Mission 17 - Unwelcome Guests

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This mission is one fight against Hades. It shows an old character’s new abilities as well. The Battle is similar to the Final Fantasy VII Demon Wall Fight, when the monster cannot move as it is trapped. To start the fight, players must select the “Sealed Entrance” after the previous cut scene. A battlefield selection will appear and the player and their party must select “Unwelcome Guests” to enter this battlefield. There is a 30 minute time limit and only six players may enter. After the battle is won, there will be a cut scene automatically triggered. After the cut scene, players will be back outside the laboratory, in Xarcabard.

Note: Harith will fight with you, players cannot control him, but can cast enhancing and healing magic on him. Wolfgang cannot be controlled or cast on, but will assist you by passing out cures and can also raise during this fight. No Experience points penalties will occur in this battlefield.

Cut Scene A Details

Camera fades in to see Harith holding off Hades with 2 swords with Wolfgang on the floor behind him injured.

Harith: RrrrrrrAAAArgh!!

Harith pushes Hades weapon back and pulls Wolfgang away.

Harith: <player>? Is that you?

You run with weapon drawn and stand beside Harith facing Hades.
Harith removes his cloak to show his battle attire.

Harith: Where are Jeuno's back-up forces?
<player>: ...
Wolfgang: Are you insane?
Harith: ... I believe in you <player>.
Wolfgang: You will both be killed! Pull back and send for re-enforcements!
Harith: Wolfgang! You cannot fight, but you can still help us right?
Wolfgang: .....I'll try.
Hades: Gwahaha! You and your friends cannot defeat me, <player>! Prepare to meet oblivion!

Camera fades out and battle commence.

End Of Cut Scene A

After the fight against Hades, a cut scene will trigger. This is the final cut scene in this mission.

Harith Battle Information

Name: Harith
Family:  Hume
Job: Red Mage  / Ninja
Level: 70
HP: 5000
MP: 800
2 Hour Abilities: None
Permanent active traits:
Regen I
Refresh I
Accuracy Bonus
TP bonus
Dual Wield
Attack Bonus
Arcana Lore
Double Cast effect (25%)

Latent Effect (HP equal to or less than 50%):
Attack Bonus II
Accuracy Bonus II
TP Bonus II
Double Cast effect (45%)

Weapon Skills used:
All sword weapon skills

All tier III Black magic spells

Wolfgang Battle Information

Name: Wolfgang
Family:  Hume
Job: Paladin / White Mage
Level: 75
MP: 2000
2 Hour Abilities: None
Permanent active traits:
Refresh II
Refresh I
Fast Cast
Conserve MP +10

Weapon Skills used:

Cure IV
Cure V
Cure VI

Note: Wolfgang will assist you in your fight by running around and curing you or your party. He will never receive enmity from Hades. He will never rest. Also due to the storyline making him injured, his HP will always be at 25% and his movement speed will be decreased to 25% also.

Hades Battle Information

Name: Hades
Family:  Avatar
Job: Dark Knight
Level: 85
HP: 25000
MP: 2000
2 Hour Abilities: None
Permanent active traits:
Arcana Defence Boost
Regen III
Protect VI
Fast Cast
Conserve MP +20%

Latent Effect (HP equal to or less than 40%):
Refresh (15MP per second)
Physical Damage Taken: Additional
Effect “Stun” (20% chance)
Shell VI
Spell Interruption rate -100%

Weapon Skills used:
Turmoil Blade
(Heavy damage to all in close range)
Arcana Blade
(similar to Shining blade, but has dark damage, not light)

Draw In - Draws in  party member who has most Enmity
Darkness - Heavy Darkness Damage on all within area
Drainga - Drains HP from party members within selected areas
Poisonga II - Poisons party members within selected range
Sleepga III - Sleeps party members within selected range and lowers all attributes.
Doom - Puts a 60 second countdown on selected Party member.
Death - Instantly Kills selected party member. Countdown 10 seconds.

Note: Once Hades uses “Draw In” he will automatically use weapon skill Arcana Blade on the same party member.

Once Hades is defeated, a cut scene will automatically trigger. This cut-scene is the last action of Mission 17.

Hades: ...no... defeated.... by Mortals?!
Hades: How ... can this ...be...?!
Harith: You undoubtedly will return to Arcana.
Harith: It seems your kind will never understand what we mortals know as real strength.
Harith: So you will keep returning to us, never stopping.
Harith: Simply because you can't understand what lies within the hearts of all the children of Vana’diel.
Hades: ... You are weak. You kind will always be weak. The doorway cannot be closed!
Hades: It is that weakness that made that fool Gilgamesh open a doorway for us!
Wolfgang: ..."Us"?!
Hades: Yes... Hehe! My Master will be here soon, and when he does, you won't stop him.
Harith: <player> has defeated him before.
Hades: My Master has grown new strengths since the last time YOU fought him <player>. Heh!
Hades: Urgh!... I will return now to him, and inform him of the weakness I see before me Gwaaha-Urgh!

Hades dies and is pulled back into the portal by the chains. The portal then closes. Wolfgang picks his sword from the machine.

Wolfgang: We'll be waiting....
Wolfgang: Where is Gilgamesh?!
Harith: ...
Wolfgang: Fled... Coward!
????: He is no coward, my friends...
   (Coward he is not!)

The Jester appears from the behind the machine

Harith: Who goes there?
Wolfgang: Name yourself at once!
????: I am ... Hmph! What does it matter.
   (Matter, it does not!)
????: Your friend, Gilgamesh has fled yes but not in cowardice...
   (Fled he did, but cowardice not!)
Wolfgang: What?! .. Who are you?
????: I am like you, mere pawns in all of this.
   (Pawns in this, just like you I am!)
Harith: Pawns? In what I wonder...?
????: The return of Arcana, of course.
   (Of course, the return of Arcana!)
Harith: ?!
Wolfgang: Speak now! Who are you and how do you know about Arcana!?
????: Maybe next time...
????: Until then I have some unfinished business to take care of...
   (I do indeed, save this for later, we will)

The Jester turns to you.

????: You...!? You are <player>, are you not?

You nod.

????: I see... This should be interesting.
   (Interesting indeed!)
????: Until next we meet...

The Jester disappears.

Wolfgang: Where did he go?!
Harith: Hmm? Did he seem familiar to you <player>?

You shake your head.

Harith: Hmm? Strange, he seemed to know you.
Wolfgang: Where did he go I wonder...
Harith: ...Do you think he has gone after Gilgamesh?
Wolfgang: I don't know but we have no leads to what is going on other than Gilgamesh.
Wolfgang: <player>. Please find Gilgamesh at once!
Harith: I don’t think he would have gone too far.
Wolfgang: Agreed. Though he has probably fled back to Norg.
Wolfgang: Try Norg first <player>.
Harith: Be careful <player>. Who knows what is going through his mind after this...
Harith: Watch your back <player>.

The camera zooms out again to the back of the room as you, Harith and Wolfgang leave, to show the Jester still in the room.

????: Did you sense that Brother!?
   (Sense I did! A power from <player> from within!)
????: Yes Power <player> has, could that be the power that defeated our Master in the past?
   (Power so great to defeat our past Master <player> has!)
????: Nevertheless, our Master cannot be defeated with his new skills, even by <player>.
   (<player> cannot defeat our Master now! … Brother?)
????: !?
   (Why comment on the return of Arcana to <player>?)
????: Comment I did to throw them off our course, to buy us some time.
   (Failure we did, Hades did not breach a connection!)
????: Indeed, Hades did not create a doorway, we need a more powerful avatar to open such a portal
   (Powerful avatar we need!)
????: Hmmm….?
   (Brother! A  plan I have for us!)  
????: Could you mean….
   (Yes Brother! We must prepare “his” arrival!)
????: Yes Brother, prepare we must, but first we need to weaken <player>.
   (Weaken <player> we must, Call our Army we must!)
????: Yes our Army we will call. We must tread softly.
   (tread softly we must, remain in the shadows we will!)
????: Perhaps it is time to give Gilgamesh more credit for his actions.
   (Gilgamesh? To <player>, the credit is already of Gilgamesh)
????: True they have no reason to suspect us, however if we do not act now, Gilgamesh could tell them everything Brother!
   (Brother! Act now! Gilgamesh must be silenced! Suspect us they must not)

The Jester puts his hand to his ear.

????: Black Waltz-T, come in. New orders:
????: Find and secure Gilgamesh. Phase three must commence!
????: Get Gilgamesh to Pso’Xja immediately and by any means necessary!
????: He will not be leaving Pso’Xja
????: However, Prepare for some company in Norg, <player> is en route to interrogate Gilgamesh!
????: You may be seen, but not captured.

Black Waltz-T: And if there is resistance?

????: …
????: Fight them but do not defeat them, rendezvous at the Laboratory as soon as you are free.
????: Take with you Black Waltz-W and Black Waltz-F

Black Waltz-T: Orders received. Black Waltz-T over and out.

The Jester puts his arm back down from his ear.

????: They will undoubtedly be weakened by <player>
   (Brother, weakened they will be, why the orders to fight?)
????: <player> isn’t the only one who needs to be weakened for our plan to work, Brother.
   (I see Brother! We must prepare!)
????: Prepare we must…

The Camera fades out and game play is resumed outside in the Xarcabard area.

End Of Cut Scene B


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