Mission 16 - The Norg Captain

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Mission 16 - The Norg Captain

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Mission 16 consists of two cut scenes. The first, is in Norg by talking to an NPC named Ryoma, who is standing by the peer. After this cut scene, the player must go to Xarcabard for another cut scene in the Xarcabard Laboratory. After this cut scene, players will be outside in the Xarcabard area once again. After the second cut scene, the player’s mission log will change. The second cut scene is the last action needed in Mission 16, because Mission 17 is a Notorious Monster fight within the Xarcabard Laboratory.

Cut Scene A Details

Ryoma: You know, it's strange.
Ryoma: Since your last visit our leader Gilgamesh has been acting strange...
Ryoma: You are looking for him?
Ryoma: Hmmm, I am sorry. He left early this morning on a ship.
Ryoma: He didn't say where he was going.
Ryoma: Now that you mention it, he went alone. He didn't even take his guards.
Ryoma: Though he was wrapped up warm, that equipment looked like it could heat up a hall!
Ryoma: I wonder where he went?

End Of Cut Scene A

After the conversation with Ryoma, the player must head to the “Sealed Entrance” in Xarcabard again. When selected, the “Sealed entrance will automatically trigger a cut scene. After the cut scene, the player will appear back outside again, by the “Sealed Entrance”. This cut scene will end Mission 16.

Cut Scene B Details

The camera is pointing at the ceiling and slowly comes down to show that additional parts have been added to the machine! Gilgamesh is leaning over the machine.

Gilgamesh: Aargh! What could I be missing from ye?!
Gilgamesh: Damn! Why wont you work... what am I overseeing here?

Gilgamesh hits the machine.

Gilgamesh: Rrrrragh! <thump>
Gilgamesh: I can't fail you Lion...
Gilgamesh: !!!

Gilgamesh turns around and sees you.

Gilgamesh: You! I beg you not to interfere <player>!
Gilgamesh: Can't a grieving father be left alone?!
Gilgamesh: You have no idea of the pain I feel, knowing she gave her life to protect us...
Gilgamesh: ...even saving you, <player>. Her sacrifice...
Gilgamesh: You understand why I must see her, don't you?!
Gilgamesh: If this contraption works, which it seems to, I can have my little girl back!

????: Even if it means the destruction of this world, Gilgamesh?

Harith walks in and stands beside you.

Harith: Don't you understand that you are not just bringing her here, but other beings as well?
Gilgamesh: ...
Harith: If you persist, this world will be in grave danger, and Lion's sacrifice will have meant nothing.
Harith: Is that what you want?!
Gilgamesh: SILENCE!!
Gilgamesh: Who are you to say who lives and dies in vain Harith.
Harith: !?
Gilgamesh: Yes I know who YOU are.
Gilgamesh: And... I know what ye did, Harith. So don't talk to me about vanity.
Harith: ...

You look confused

Gilgamesh: <player> doesn't know does he. Heh!
Harith: Gilgamesh Enough of this Madness!

Wolfgang runs in with three knights.

Wolfgang: Gilgamesh!? It's... it's been you? All along?
Wolfgang: Why?
Gilgamesh: <sigh> ... No father should ever outlive his daughter Wolfgang.
Wolfgang: Gilgamesh, I order you to seize these foolish antics at once!
Gilgamesh: ... I cannot.
Gilgamesh: I will not.
Gilgamesh: Now leave me
Wolfgang: No! Gilgamesh you leave me no choice!

Wolfgang and the knights draw swords.

Wolfgang: You are under arrest! Step back at once!

Gilgamesh begins laughing.

Gilgamesh: Gwahahaha-aha! Wolfgang, ye have never defeated me. Why bother trying?
Wolfgang: I will not fail Gilgamesh. the world is at stake now!
Gilgamesh: Fool!

Wolfgang sends his knights after Gilgamesh, but are killed by Gilgamesh’s Great Katana.
Wolfgang charges after Gilgamesh angrily.

Wolfgang: Aaargggh!!!

Gilgamesh uses a unique ability Arcshell (Stoneskin) and grabs Wolfgang by his throat and lifts him in the air.

Gilgamesh: I've evolved since we last fought, old friend. Hehe!
Gilgamesh: I'm a whole new game now. You never will stand a chance.
Gilgamesh: Not now, not soon, not ever. You are too weak. They made you weak.

Gilgamesh throws Wolfgang over to the other side of the room, then draws his sword and points it at you and Harith.

Gilgamesh: I don't have time for this. Time is of the essence!

Gilgamesh runs to the machine and activates it. A portal is made and a claw comes through the other side. As the Notorious Monster Hades appears. Wolfgang stands and throws his sword into the machine switching it off and closing the portal. However the portal jams with Hades trapped halfway between worlds.

Gilgamesh: Gah! What have you done?!
Hades: Gwhahahaha! This world will soon be mine!
Hades: Huh!? … Hmmm? I’ll kill you all and then release myself from this trap!
Gilgamesh: !?
Wolfgang: !? <player>! Run!
Hades: <player>?
Hades: Ah, My minions inform me of YOU!
Hades: After I'm through with these mortals, I will be coming for you, <player>! Gwhaha!
Gilgamesh: What have I done...

Gilgamesh flee's past you!

Harith: I will stay here and cover you Wolfgang. Flee to get help <player>! Please Hurry!

Camera fades out and player is outside the entrance to the lab in Xarcabard.

End Of Cut Scene B


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