Mission 15: Investigation in the Aragoneu

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Mission 15: Investigation in the Aragoneu

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Mission 15 is a fight against 4 Notorious Monsters in a new battlefield area, which is accessed by the “Sealed Entrance” in Sauromugue Champagne, located at the end of the tunnel where the Tiger Bones appear after the tiger dies for the Ranger quest, at L-10. Simply select the “Sealed Entrance” to enter the area for a cut scene. After the cut scene all party members are ready to fight. The players must select the correct battlefield on entry to go into the fight. Only six players may enter the battlefield. Once all four notorious monsters are defeated, the battle will end and a cut scene will trigger. After the cut scene, the players will be back outside in Sauromugue Champagne. After the cut scene, the mission log will change and the player can continue to Mission 16.

Select “Sealed Entrance” at (L-10) in Sauromugue Champagne to run dialog.

The Amulet seems to react to some force in the wall.
Use Amulet?
Options: Yes > Proceed to next dialog
No  > Nothing happens

You sense a dark entity, are you sure you will enter?
Options: Yes > Proceed to S.Campagne Lab
No  > Nothing happens

Cut Scene A

????: Hmph, Another worthless mortal...
????: Gya-haha-haha!

Notorious Monster Arcana General appears from the shadows of the lab and spawns 3 Notorious Monster Ghoul Soldiers

Arcana General: Hmmm?
Arcana General: Something is different about you.
Arcana General: Nevertheless, you shall die quickly!

Camera fades out and players are in control again.

End Of Cut Scene A

After this cut scene the players are ready for battle. There is a 40 minute timer on this fight and all four Notorious monsters must be killed to trigger the cut scene that follows. Once the cut scene is complete, the players will be outside in Sauromugue Champagne again and can continue on to Mission 16. There are no experience points lost in this battlefield. All Notorious Monster information is on the next page. Again, these details are simply my own estimates.

Notorious Monster Details for Ghoul Soldier’s and Arcana General

Name: Ghoul Soldier
Family: Skeleton
Job: Red Mage / Dark Knight
Level: 65
HP: 6000
MP: 700
2 Hour Abilities: None

Special Abilities:
All Skeleton family Job Abilities
All Tier III Magic spells including Bio III and Paralyze II

Susceptible to Lullaby
Weak to Blunt

Uses Vorpal Scythe and Soul Eater.

Notes: Will link with their General once their General is attacked, but will not link with each other. The Arcana General will not link with them. However, they will attack if a player casts magic near them or is seen by them.

Name: Arcana General
Family:  Formor
Job: Dark Knight / Samurai
Level: 70
HP: 15000
MP: 1900

2 Hour Abilities:
Arcana Lore
Blood Weapon

Special Abilities:
Arcana Cloud - Blind and Stun. AoE radius 20
Arcana Fury - Attack + 100 for 60 seconds
Doom - Countdown to K.O status to whoever targeted. Timer of 60 seconds is removed if Notorious Monster is killed before 60 second timer has reached 0.

All Formor Family abilities
Great Hammer weapon skills

Susceptible to Lullaby

Cannot be stunned, bound or slept.
Immune to Aspir and Drain

Once all four Notorious Monsters are dead, the Final cut scene for this mission will trigger. After the cut scene, all players will be outside in Sauromugue Champagne area and can proceed with the next mission.

Cut Scene B Details

Arcana General: Gah! How can this be?
Arcana General: I shall inform the others about you.

Harith appears.

Harith: Now who opened this?
Arcana General: Gah!... Why should I tell you?
Harith: You know, this potion is supposed to turn spirits of the dead into an avatar form...
Arcana General: So?
Harith: I would hate to have to use it on you.
Harith: Imagine it, you fighting against your own kind.
Arcana General: What?!
Harith: I'd call upon you to fight your friends and you wouldn't be able to do a thing about it.
Harith: And when I'm done with your friends, I would send you back there to face an eternity of punishment from them.
Arcana General: ...
Harith: Sound like fun? I think so, don't you <player>?

You nod

Arcana General: He was from Norg, that’s all I know.
Arcana General: His wore an eye patch.
Arcana General: He kept himself cloaked, even when he ran away.
Harith: I thought so...

Harith throws a bottle on the floor beside Arcana General and he dies.

Harith: He is gone now <player>. It was just a simple Death potion.
Harith: *Laugh* He fell for it
Harith: Hmmm? I need to inform Wolfgang and Star Sibyl.
Harith: <player>, I need you to go to Norg, and find Gilgamesh immediately.
Harith: I only hope my findings are false...
Harith: Find Gilgamesh and find out what he knows.
Harith: If he has fled, then find him. We need answers.
Harith: Tread carefully <player> Good luck.

Harith and you walk out of the area, and as the camera zooms out, it then focuses back on the Jester’s feet.

????: This, <player>, is really something…
   (Really something <player> is)
????: We may have to try another experiment.
   (Perhaps we try something else?)
????: Everything we are doing is wrong…
   (wrong is what we are doing! Nothing is working)
????: Brother, everything we summon here is not big enough.
   (Big enough it is not, but what else is there!?)
????: I cannot say…
   (cannot say, I can’t…what has power!?)
????: Maybe….!?
   (Maybe…!? What are you thinking brother?
????: An Avatar…. Perhaps
   (Of course! Avatars of power, maybe there is one…)
????: If we both are thinking the same one, that is a last line of action
  (last line of action for the one we both may be thinking alike I wonder)
????: But for now…

The Jester puts his hand to his ear again.

????: Black Waltz-T, you must get to Norg immediately. Find Gilgamesh. Get him to our next site.
????: You may be seen, but do not allow yourself to be captured. Rendezvous back at the laboratory immediately after your goal is complete.

The Jester puts his hand back down

????: We must prepare brother
   (Prepare we must!)

The camera fades and game play is resumed.

End Of Cut Scene B


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