Mission 12 - Creating Life

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Mission 12 - Creating Life

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Mission 12 takes part as two cut scenes and a simple conversation to an NPC in Lufaise Meadows. The first cut scene is as you trade the Vial of Arcana Blood to Harith in Ru’Lude Gardens. The second is as you open the Walnut Door on the top floor of Tavnazian Safehold, at K-9. After a cut scene with Prishe and Ulmia, you will need to speak to an new NPC who is on bridge at G-5 in Misareaux Coast area. Once all cut scenes and the NPC is spoken to, the mission log will change. Without talking to the NPC however, the Notorious Monster will not appear in the next mission.

Cut Scene A Details

Harith: Ah thank you <player>.
Harith: Hmmm.... Straight away I can see this blood is very old indeed.
Harith: It seems to be coagulated.
Harith: That means the monster you defeated, was already dead.
Harith: The monster has definitely come through from Arcana.
Harith: I will study this sample some more and let you know what I find.
Harith: In the mean time, I hear our good friend Star Sibyl is in need of your help.
Harith: Bring me the ingredients for a Pearl Elixir and I shall create the potion for the Star Sibyl.

Camera fades out.

End Of Cut Scene A

The player must now head to Tavnazian Safehold for the next cut scene. The cut scene will occur once the player selects the Walnut Door at K-9, upper floor of Tavnazian Safehold.

Cut Scene B Details

Prishe: <player>! How nice to see you again!
Prishe: What brings you here!?

Camera fades out then fades back in.

Prishe: Poor Star Sibyl...
Ulmia: Indeed...
Prishe: We have to help her!
Ulmia: And we shall. Though I admit I haven't seen any Pearl Dragons around these parts I'm afraid <player>.
Ulmia: But then again, we rarely leave for the Riverne sites.
Prishe: Hmmm? Pearl Dragons?
Prishe: Hey! I bet Isaac would know, don't you think?
Ulmia: Why, yes I think he would.
Ulmia: Isaac is an adventurer, like you. He dares himself against large foes.
Prishe: Hehe! He's a bit strange.
Prishe: <whisper> I think Ulmia likes him too! Hehe!
Ulmia: Certainly not! ....
Ulmia: Pardon me...
Prishe: <whisper> told ya so hehe!
Ulmia: Hmmm. You can find him usually somewhere in Lufaise Meadows.
Prishe: Hehe! Come and see us before you return to Windurst!
Ulmia: Farewell <player>.
Prishe: Good Luck!

End Of Cut Scene B

Once this cut scene is over, the player must head to  Misareaux Coast bridge at G-5 and speak with Isaac for a short conversation with him.

Isaac: I am Isaac, yes. How can I help you?
Isaac: Pearl Dragons? Yeah there up on Riverne Site B01.
Isaac: You can tell when they are near because they malt a lot so look for a Large Pearl Feather.
Isaac: Marvellous creatures indeed! And truly rare.
Isaac: It is a wonder why they have returned here, but hey I'm not complaining!
Isaac: Be cautious adventurer, they are very powerful in numbers!
Isaac: Good Luck and Farewell!


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