Mission 10 - Mechanical Mayhem

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Mission 10 - Mechanical Mayhem

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:59 am

Mission 10 again is a single cut scene, that is triggered as you speak with Cid in the Metalworks.

Cut Scene Details

Cid: Welcome back <player>. Have you found anything?

Camera fades out and then back in.

Cid: ... that... that is interesting...
Cid: And you say Harith suspects a machine is in Xarcabard?
Cid: Hmmm? I don’t recall anyone enquiring about such a machine.
Cid: Oh... I do remember someone ordering a lot of power cells and miniature generators.
Cid: He wouldn't tell me why, though he did pay up front in advance.
Cid: I never thought anything of it. I guess I should.
Cid: The only people who order that amount are usually military or city scientists.
Harith: I am sorry to interrupt...
Cid: Harith?
Harith: <player> I have urgent news.
Harith: I have completed another section of the diary I have.
Cid: The scientists Diary?
Harith: Yes. I have discovered something quiet disturbing that require <player>'s urgent attention.
Harith: It seems our scientist friend and his Knight college did manage to open a small portal in their laboratory in Xarcabard.
Harith: Fortunately there was insufficient power to make the portal larger, or indeed sustain it's existence.
Cid: Hmmm? So the man who bought the equipment from me could be the one responsible?
Harith: Possibly, but at the minute we have a very urgent assignment to see through.
Harith: It seems that as they opened the portal, something happened which caused them to shutdown and flee for their lives.
Harith: Something came through...
Cid: ?! Something?! What!?
Harith: The Diary doesn't say. It does however say that as a precaution they sealed the entrance to the laboratory with a powerful magical seal.
Harith: Since my research has shown that there have been no outbreaks or disturbances since the Crystal War in the region, I believe that whatever came through the portal, is still locked inside.
Harith: Yoran-Oran and I both agree on what we ask of you next <player>.
Harith: We believe you are the only one who can break that seal and enter the laboratory.
Cid: What? Are you serious?!
Cid: You want <player> to enter an area never before known to exist and do battle with for all we know an ancient dark being?
Harith: That is true...
Cid: Oh my...
Harith: We strongly believe that Star Sibyl would have wanted <player> to perform such a task.
Harith: Considering all that <player> has done for this world, I doubt this task should be much of a problem.
Harith: Your task is simple, <player>. Enter the laboratory. Tread carefully.
Harith: Examine all of the equipment there and then return to Yoran-Oran with your findings as soon as you can.
Cid: ... And if the 'something' is there?
Harith: Regrettably if it is still there, you will no doubt have to do battle against the foe.
Harith: When dead, bring me a token of the dark being so I can research into it's origin.
Harith: I wish you luck <player>. Until we meet again.
Harith: Oh, this mysterious person who bought all of your wares, Cid.
Cid: What about him?
Harith: Did he seem familiar?
Cid: No, not at all, he was cloaked so I didn’t see his face.
Harith: Was there anything suspicious about him?
Cid: Well, I never saw his face, but he had a staff with a purple jewel on the top, and was dressed in purple attire. I’ve never seen him before.
Cid: He was very polite, and paid upfront as I said… What do you think Harith?
Harith: I’m not sure. The person this all points at would never use a staff, so I’m back to square one…
Cid: I see, I guess we can’t contemplate anything until this issue is resolved in Xarcabard.
Harith: Indeed, <player>, make your way to Xarcabard, tread softly.
Cid: Good Luck!

End Of Cut Scene


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